Zeta Global Announces Chris Greiner as Chief Financial Officer


As a data-driven marketing technology company, Zeta Global  remains in the vanguard of industry developments. Chris Greiner, an industry veteran, is at the forefront of these ongoing advancements.

With that said, it was a no-brainer for Zeta Global to welcome Greiner on board as their CFO.

Though Greiner has both an aptitude and passion for technology, finance is another one of his strong suits. In his position as CFO, Greiner will be responsible for governing all finance and accounting operations.

In addition to overseeing these affairs, Greiner will also be tasked with devising financial strategies, streamlining mergers and acquisitions, and improving business performance. With over two decades of experience under his belt, Greiner is a shoo-in.

Previously, Greiner served as the CFO for LivePerson, a global technology company rooted in AI. Under his leadership, the company’s market cap increased twofold. Inovalon and IBM are some other companies that Greiner has worked for.

Zeta Global is eager to see how they’ll benefit from Greiner’s years of experience and unmatched expertise. David Steinberg, the CEO of Zeta Global, is especially keen to witness Greiner’s capabilities.

According to Steinberg, Greiner’s industry insight and background in computer science made him the “ideal fit for Zeta.” With Greiner’s guidance, Steinberg hopes to see unprecedented levels of growth within Zeta’s walls.

Though Greiner has some high expectations to fulfill, he’s no doubt primed for the undertaking.

Greiner echoes Steinberg’s excitement. Greiner’s primary goal is to solve issues surrounding customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. He also sees great potential in Zeta’s evolving platforms. Alongside David Steinberg and his management team, Greiner seeks to position Zeta for “its next period of expansion.”

Fortunately, Zeta is in the perfect place to incorporate new technology and innovation.

In 2019, the company found great success in testing new channels. Zeta put a premium on scaling their business, which they did effortlessly through numerous platforms.

In essence, they were able to track behavioral, transactional, and location data assets. This feat was highly celebrated and will no doubt make Greiner’s job easier. Greiner maintains that Zeta developed the “recipe for powerful growth.”

As he gets acclimated to Zeta’s inner workings, the executive staff hopes to see tremendous strides in uncovering consumer intent, personalizing client experiences, and driving business growth. Given his proven track record, no one doubts Greiner’s ability to do so.



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