5 Things to Consider When Applying for an Investment Visa


Many countries around the world provide exclusive means of entry for wealthy people, and the United States does as well. The idea is that these individuals with exceptional financial resources will pump money into the nation’s economy. 

If you’re planning on applying for this Investor Visa USA, it’s essential that you’re aware of various factors that can ensure your success.

You’ll Apply for an Eb-5 Green Card

Permanent residency for investors is known as the EB-5 Green Card. This is one of the most challenging categories for which you could establish eligibility, and it’s also the most expensive.

There are a limited number of EB-5s available, only 10,000 a year. Until recently, the limit had never been reached. Due to an increase in demand for investor visas from individuals from China, Vietnam, and India, there’s now a waiting list. 

As of 2019, if you’re not from these countries, you most likely won’t be placed on the waiting list. That said, to be eligible, you have to be making an investment of at least $900,000. 

You Need a Lawyer

If you have enough financial resources to be applying for an EB-5, then you have enough to hire legal representation. Find a top-of-the-line immigration lawyer.

If you try to take on the application alone, without an attorney, and you fail, you may damage your chances of future success. You’re expected to make the investment before you apply for the green card, so if you aren’t successful, you could lose a lot of money. 

Where the Investment Money Comes From 

The entire amount that you’re investing has to come from you. You can’t split the investment with other people and expect to obtain an EB-5. The United States Department of Customs and Immigration will look at where you got the money to validate that it’s coming from a lawful source. 

When you’re applying, you have to provide evidence that the money is coming from you. Make sure you report your salary, investment, sale of lawful assets, or inheritance. If you used borrowed funds for the venture, it’s okay as long as you are personally liable in the event of a default. 

You Have to Be Actively Involved With the Business

The business that you’re investing in must eventually hire at least ten full-time employees, meaning that they will be working at least 35 hours per week. It also must produce a service or product and benefit the U.S. economy.

You won’t be able to be an angel investor in this case, and you’ll have to be actively engaged with the company. Whether you’re in a managerial or policy-forming role, you’ll need to be involved.

Additional Requirements

You can buy a business, as long as it was established after November 29,1990, or you can invest in a new organization. If you’re aiming to purchase a business and expand it, you’ll be required to increase the number of employees or net worth of the company by 40% or more. 

The Verdict

Applying for an investor visa in the USA is by no means an easy task. You’ll need a lot of resources, a solid plan of action, and high-quality representation.


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