The wellness industry: Is it a favorable hub for investments in 2020?


Say whatever you want about it, but don’t underestimate the powerful boom of the wellness industry. Today, words like “meditation”, “yoga”, “nutrition”, or “fitness” are taking over our modern lifestyles. And, if this healthy lifestyle didn’t catch your attention so far, it will for sure in 2020, at least in terms of investment opportunities.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness industry was worth a whopping $4.2 trillion in 2018. And, that represented a 12.8% growth over the last two years. Today, the wellness industry represents 5.3% of the global economic output. And, obviously, it is expected that it will further expand in the next few years.

But what led to such rapid growth in this industry? In today’s modern world, our health needs are constantly changing making the demand for wellness services and products grow at a global level. Everyday stress, living in a fast-changing world, rapidness, climate concerns, and even? technology are all factors that redefined our modern lifestyle. And, if you are wondering what does this has to do with the growth of the wellness industry, let us tell you that it is all about pausing (pausing to be deleted – english sentence) for a few moments and focusing on your own wellbeing. And, that’s when wellness services and products are stepping in.

Let’s explore the key sectors of the wellness industry that deserve your attention and your money in 2020.

Yoga and meditation

The mindfulness sector is huge these days which grew to be a billion-dollar industry over the past years. It is all about the aspirational self-improvement movement through rituals that help you get in touch with your inner self.

It is quite surprising how mindfulness became so popular worldwide considering the fact that its core pillars are based on religious obscurity. Meditation practices practiced by Zen Buddhists, to be more precise. However, despite its religious provenience, it is now practiced by people from all around the world, from different religious and cultural backgrounds.

So, what helped the mindfulness industry grow at such a rapid pace? First of all, its key trigger was the need of modern people to pause the everyday rush for a little bit. And, with everything happening so fast today, it isn’t a surprise that people have this need.

Moreover, another element that played an essential role in the popularization of this trend is based on neuroscience. Simply put, it has been proved that meditation is an effective tool for reducing stress and depression. And, with depression, anxiety, and stress rates going up worldwide, this sector proved to be very useful. Plus, being backed by neuroscience, credibility was added to something that Buddhists already knew for millennia.

Now, the key pillars of mindfulness are represented by concepts like yoga and meditation. And, those two rituals gave birth to another billion-dollar industry: mindfulness apps. According to Google, searches for yoga and meditation apps grew by 65% over the past years. So, it’s official: more and more people are interested in what mindfulness has to offer.

And, if you want something to invest in, mindfulness products and services are definitely worth your money.

Alternative medicine – natural products and CBD

Alternative medicine is taking over the health industry these days. It comprises any product or practice that has healing effects for various types of diseases and conditions. And, despite the fact that alternative medicine products and practices sometimes lack biological plausibility and might not be extensively tested, they are becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

With people becoming more aware of the existent side effects and long-term consequences of traditional medicines, they are looking for healing in products with a more natural provenience. For example, herbal medicines are the new buzz in the health world. It is becoming increasingly obvious that herbal medicines that contain, as active ingredients, parts of plants, are a healthier alternative to cure or treat different diseases.

CBD oil, for example, is one of the most popular alternative active (medical to be substituted by active)substances. Numerous studies support its natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to alleviate the symptoms of multiple medical conditions. It can be found in many forms such as liquid drops, edibles, tablets and capsules.  Sublingual thin films you can find on are the modern line-extension forms that offer to an every well-being focused individual an undisputable benefits and advantages in terms of accurate dosing, sublingual efficacy and convenient use.

Fitness and healthy eating

Fitness and healthy eating are two very popular social media phenomenon these days.  From fitness and nutrition influencers with millions of followers to almost every social media user sharing their healthy meal and gym workout with their virtual friends, social media posts backup the popularity of this wellness sector.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the health and fitness industry, including sectors such as sports, fitness, equipment, apparel/footwear, and fitness technology, will surpass $1.1 trillion value by 2023.

Why are people working out more than ever before? The reasons, once again, has something to do with the changing health needs of modern people. We are talking about the rise of sedentary lifestyles since technology does almost everything for us. From employees sitting in front of computers to kids playing on their devices all day long, it seems like no one is doing any more physical activity today. Or so you would think. In fact, people started to become more aware of how sedentary lifestyles, combined with poor eating habits, affects their life quality and health.

Fast forward: people need services and products that encourage them to work out more and be more conscious about their nutrition. The answer to their need? People found it in health and fitness apps leading to a 330% growth in health and fitness app usage in just 3 years.

Workplace wellness

In 2017, workplace wellness was a $48 billion worth market according to the Global Wellness Institute. And, it is projected to grow to a $66 billion value by 2022.

The workplace wellness sector is all about modern office cultures that value the wellbeing of the employees as a crucial element in business success. Simply put, the workplace wellness sector promotes the idea that healthy and happy employees work harder and more efficiently.

Therefore, over the past years, we see both small and large reputable companies and organizations investing billions of dollars into providing their employees with wellness services or products that can help them become more productive.

From fitness programs to spa and gym memberships and yoga classes, companies worldwide are offering their employees whatever promotes their wellbeing. And, although the idea of “happy employees make happy customers” isn’t new, the wellness industry has now offered businesses the means to actually make and keep their employees happy.

The wellness industry is very vast and comprises of numerous market segments. Its growth is likely to continue at an even more rapid pace, making it one of the most appealing investment opportunities for 2020.


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