Heres How You Can Profitably Bet In The 2020 March Madness Game


The March Madness season is one of the biggest college basketball tournaments that every hoop is waiting for. This year, the March Madness or commonly known as the NCAA All Men’s Basketball Tournament will start on March 17, 2020, and ends on April 16, 2020. It will feature 64 teams from the East, West, South, and Midwest regions.

With only four more weeks remaining before the March Madness season, the rankings and seeding process were quite chaotic as of today. Earlier this month, the NCAA selection team named the sixteen teams coming to the four respective divisions who topped the seeding process.

Today, the rankings have changed after a series of non-NCAA conference games was done. In some reports, you can see that the top seeds were starting to decline, and some who settled at the bottom have risen to the top.  With this, the NCAA title this year is anyone’s ballgame, and each team has an equal opportunity of vying for the March Madness title.

Aside from the toughest college teams we are expecting in the upcoming March Madness; the betting games are another reason why fans are excited. Do know that the NCAA basketball spreads 2020 are now up and available to some legit betting sites to give you a guide on which team you can wager.  So, if you’re one of the avid bettors for the NCAA matches, here are some March Madness betting tips you can apply.

Seeding Process Always Matters

Every year, the March Madness features around 64 or even up to 68 teams, which will compete in all matches outlined for the NCAA season. They will battle out of the Top 32  teams, which will proceed to the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight. After that, the Elite Eight teams will face another match to be part of the Final Four and National Championship rounds.

However, before a team can reach this elimination process, they will undergo seeding. It is a method where the NCAA selection team sets a specific guideline that a team must pass so they are ranked accordingly. The ranking and seeding are crucial because it is where you can identify which side is tough and deserve your bet.

Research Each Team’s Defense Skills

Although the offense skills are needed to make sure that the team scores the highest point at the end of the game, the defense is more important. According to some basketball experts, all players in a specific group are expected to develop and showcase their personal offensive skills they learned either from experience or through training.

On the other hand, the defense is a tactic created by the team’s coach and his staff that hinders their rival team from scoring. For betting purposes, make sure you wager for the team with the best defensive skills in the whole March Madness season. It will give you a higher chance of winning, unlike betting for a team with a lower defense rating.

Don’t Bet According to Your Emotions

Betting using your heart and emotions will drain your bankroll in no time. It is a betting strategy that does not only work for March Madness, but also for all sports betting games. Inevitably, we get too excited if we win the betting game. On the other hand, we get disappointed if we experience a losing streak.

Moreover, you should also disregard your personal biases when betting. Just because your team got the highest favorite votes to win the March Madness doesn’t mean they are an excellent value to bet. Always find time to understand the probability and statistics of each team before you bet for them. Checking the previous matches and records of the team is the only way to guide you in betting effectively.

Don’t Bet Each March Madness Game

The March Madness season is celebrated in three weeks. With a lot of teams competing for the NCAA season, you have a lot of betting opportunities to undertake. There is the First Four tournament, followed by the First and Second Rounds. After that, you have the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight matches followed by Final Four and National Championship Rounds.

To ensure that you can apply your betting skills and earn big, do not head on to every March Madness game. Make sure that you only pick a particular game where you can see that your entry has a significant chance of winning. In this way, you can control wrong wagering entries and secure a possible winning streak.


While the March Madness season is still far, each team is starting to do full preparation to make sure they offer the best plays inside the court. In line with that, bettors are also in a full stretch scouting for the best teams to wager in the upcoming NCAA season. With the March Madness betting tips given above, you might go home with a full pocket.


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