Juan Carlos Piñeiro, a successful visionary with Huîtres Amélie


Oysters are marine bivalves that can be eaten naturally or with some seasoning to enhance their flavour. One of the delicacies usually served in some of the world´s best restaurants. When it comes to oysters, in particular, and everything related to this exquisite delicacy, there is nobody quite like businessman Juan Carlos Piñeiro.

Juan Carlos Piñeiro is president of Huîtres Amélie, the world’s most award-winning oyster brand. A brand that has had huge success in the international market thanks to its president´s ability to create value. A vision acquired from his experience in building and consolidating brands during his time as Marketing Manager of high-end companies in the automotive industry (Porsche, BMW, etc.).

The birth of Huîtres Amélie

Juan Carlos has spent a considerable amount of his life growing brands within the multinational and luxury goods sector. However, this Catalan businessman soon began to conceive the idea of creating value for a new product that is set in nature. A premium product aimed at the haute cuisine industry.

That is how Huîtres Amélie started in 2015. A disruptive brand with a new way of doing things, dreamed up by Juan Carlos Piñeiro, that combines a series of unique variables, as well as choosing the most suitable place to grow the product in the most optimal way. In this way, Juan Carlos has managed to seduce the most demanding palates as well as bring value to the industry.

Huitres Amélie´s beginnings were not simple, as no one in the haute cuisine industry appreciated the viability of such an ambitious project. Nevertheless, Juan Carlos Piñeiro´s experience and knowledge were key to its success. Thanks to his good work and growth, the brand acceptance is such that, today, its value has become the industry leader.

Piñeiro’s contribution has been fundamental in converting Huîtres Amélie into the brand chosen by the world´s most exclusive restaurants. This work has led Maison Amélie to be awarded the Best French Oyster 2019 award by Le Concours Général Agricole.

Juan Carlos Piñeiro´s business vision

Juan Carlos Piñeiro has managed to get Huîtres Amélie to the top in record time, as well as achieving an exponential increase in performance. Few could have predicted back in 2015 that this company would be among the industry´s top performers. Today, however, it is a benchmark and its oysters are on the menus of the world´s best restaurants.

Throughout this time, Amélie has considerably increased its brand value and growth, to the point of reaching the quality standards of the most prestigious and exclusive restaurants. To do this, not only is a great business vision needed, but also great entrepreneurial skills to gain a foothold in a very competitive industry and reach the top in such a short time.

In 2016, just one year after its launch, Juan Carlos Piñeiro had already been awarded three stars and a Golden Fork at the Great Taste Awards in London. The following year, the Amélie brand was already positioned as one of the companies with the greatest international projection in the haute cuisine industry.

Juan Carlos´ business vision doesn’t stop here. In fact, he has been able to take the brand to emblematic places such as La Boquería in Barcelona or El Corte Inglés, as well as to unique spaces such as the Conde de Godó Tennis Trophy, embassies around the world, fairs such as Madrid Fusion or Sirha in Lyon.

Furthermore, we must also highlight his efforts and excellent work as a renowned entrepreneur that led him to open the doors to the Amélie Restaurant Paris a year ago. A space for gastronomic creation and interpretation, located in the central and popular Place du Madeleine in Paris, focused almost exclusively on oysters and offering an exquisite combination of tradition and modernity.

The continuous search for perfection

Throughout his life, Juan Carlos Piñeiro has constantly sought perfection. A search that is always preceded by immense effort and dedication.

Such is the commitment to working and improving that, not even the name of his brand came about by chance: Amélie, etymological origin of “améliorer” which means “to work to improve”. This is a key message that can be found in all the activities the brand carries out; always striving to be the best.


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