The Most Common Pests That Damage Buildings


For most individuals and families, their homes are the largest investments they have. Therefore, they need to do everything they can to protect this investment. Sadly, one of the recurring problems that homeowners face is the discovery of pests that have destroyed important parts of their homes’ structures. The thought of these pests destroying a home while the occupants sleep can be incredibly nerve-racking. Therefore, it is important for everyone to educate themselves on some of the most common pests that might invade a home.

According to  Action Termite & Pest Control, termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage across the country every year. Much of the damage is caused by a “super” species of termites called Formosan termites. These termites have incredibly aggressive and invasive behavior and can form colonies above the ground, making them dangerous. The most common species of termite in the United States is called the eastern subterranean termite which hides beneath the ground, making them hard to find. Sometimes, termites can look like ants, particularly since they tend to come out during the same time of year; however, professionals know how to tell these pests apart and can deal with them appropriately.

Another major threat is the  powderpost beetle. These beetles earned their name due to the powder-like waste they leave behind after they eat wood that is used to construct homes. This material, which is called frass, can look like flour or baking powder. This frass will pile up over time, alerting homeowners to an infestation. These beetles like to inhabit hardwood structures because there are small holes in which these beetles can lay their eggs. Oak, mahogany, and ash are particularly vulnerable to colonization by these beetles. Their lifecycle can last anywhere from a few months to a full year.

Finally, carpenter ants also pose a significant threat to the structural integrity of a home. These ants do not feed on wood; however, they cause their damage by removing wood to create tunnels from their activities. When these ants tunnel into wooden structures, they don’t leave any debris behind, making them hard to spot. Even though they might not be as common as termites, they can still damage structures over time. Therefore, they merit the attention of trained professionals.

It is important for everyone to address these pests as quickly as possible. The longer these critters are allowed to persist, the more damage they will cause. Everyone should keep their eyes open for signs of infestations from these common pests. Then, rely on experienced experts to remove them from the premises.


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