Best Investment Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in 2020


Starting your own business has never been easier. Nowadays, you can leverage the power of technology and build a global market without leaving your home. Entrepreneurs are on a constant search for the next big thing to invest in and build a successful business out of it.

As we live in very dynamic times, investors should be extra careful when it comes to deciding on what to invest. Big trends come and go very fast, and your goal should be to choose a business that will last for a long time.

Furthermore, we will cover some of the best investment opportunities that are increasing in popularity, to make the decision-making process a bit easier.

Healthier Junk Food

This is a growing industry that many of the big names such as McDonald’s or Burger King are trying to tackle. Healthy diets are increasing in popularity, and people are starting to avoid junk foods to improve their health.

Of course, not everyone can eat salads every day, which is why companies are trying to make their junk food healthier.

A recent controversial ad by Burger King, where they published a rotten Whopper on their social media profiles, gained so much attention. Basically, they are saying that their products do not contain artificial preservatives, and regular ingredients make their burger.

The only downside to this investment opportunity is the fierce market. There is a lot of competition from well-known brands, and market entry will be challenging.

Pet Wearables

In the last few years, health monitoring gadgets become very popular with humans. However, the industry doesn’t plan to stop since people are now demanding wearables for their beloved pets. People nowadays are more concerned about the physical and mental health of their pets, which increases the demand for GPS tracking and health monitoring devices.

The global pet market reached nearly $80 billion in sales of pet products. It is a promising industry and perfect for investing this year. Considering that it is a new thing, there are no barriers to entry in the industry.

Genderless Personal Care

There is an increased demand for ‘beauty’ products for women or ‘grooming’ products for men over the last few years. Many growing startups are now making shampoos, fragrances, moisturizes, or deodorants. The key trend for businesses in this industry is genderless products or self-care products that are not targeted for a particular gender.
This industry is rapidly growing, and many consumers, especially younger people, are rejecting traditionally gendered products in favor of new genderless ones. Also, more man is embracing skincare products and follow the latest trends.

There is a low market entry barrier, which will allow investors to start new companies and succeed. People are still not loyal to brands in this category, and they are willing to try new things.

Third-Party Logistics

As we mentioned earlier, people can now run businesses from everywhere in the world. This means that they can sell their products online. This means that there is an increased demand for third-party logistics.

This is the right time to invest in the next wave logistics and build a fully automated process capable of delivering goods at the highest standard. This industry will continue to grow as eCommerce businesses are growing. It is expected that by 2040 about 95% of all transactions will be done online. This means that people will shop everything from their smart devices and expect the product to arrive in their homes.

The only downside to this investment is the cost. If you want to build a global logistics company, it is going to be a much harder job for you. However, you can always start locally and build your way up.

These are some of the best investment opportunities this year. People are on a constant search for new trends that might be worth investing in. Just like people are checking the gold future predictions on in order to find out if it is worth investing, it is the same with new businesses. The key is to look at long-term goals instead of short-term that might only make things harder as the trend passes.


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