What Makes Parisian Food So Popular?


This world is full of amazing cuisines; however, there is one city that continues to rank at the top of the list. That city is Paris, the capital of France, which attracts visitors from all over the world who come specifically to try the myriad of delicious food items that come out of its stores and restaurants. This city has been the foundation and inspiration for dishes that are enjoyed by people around the world. Why is this the case?

One of the reasons why meals from Paris are so popular is that they are cooked using unique  techniques. For centuries, the citizens of Paris and France as a whole have been coming up with new ways to cook food. Some of the techniques that have their roots in this city include sautéing, flambéing, poaching, and braising. These are all techniques that are used in dishes found all over the world; however, they got their start in Paris. All of these techniques can be used to add powerful, understated, and accented textures and flavors to vegetables, meats, and other culinary items. The goal of Parisian food is to bring out as much flavor as possible. These techniques help chefs do exactly that.

The foundation of dishes in Paris also set them apart from other cities and countries. One of the paradoxes in France is that they have a low rate of heart disease even though they consume tremendous amounts of cheese and butter. The reason why these two ideas coexist is that Parisian foods use fresh ingredients that are grown locally and produced naturally. The cows that form the basis of their cheese, butter, and beef are fed grass. They are also not given hormones to change the way they produce milk. This contributes to fresh ingredients at the markets and in the restaurants. The same is true of their fruits and vegetables. They use the freshest ingredients around. The foundation of a great meal is the ingredients used. Paris has taken this to heart and its meals will be showcased at  SIAL Paris.

Finally, it is impossible to talk about the popularity of Parisian food without discussing its bakeries. Nearly every meal requires some form of bread; however, in Paris, it is always freshly made that day. Bread is eaten at breakfast, accompanies dinner, and is even eaten as a snack. With brioches, croissants, and baguettes made fresh every day, even local restaurants buy their bread from local bakeries. The expert skill of bakeries in Paris has even made its way into desserts in the form of macaroons and eclairs. Desserts are an important part of Parisian cuisine and this is one of the biggest reasons why Parisian food has become so popular.


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