In The Race For AI, Human IT Support Are Desperately Needed


Artificial intelligence and smart machines capable of managing themselves are all the rage these days, but that doesn’t mean humans don’t have a role to play in the ever-growing race towards AI that’s consuming businesses around the world. Across the globe, companies are vying to attract the best talent when it comes to AI expertise, with high salaries and excellent benefits being offered to those capable professionals who can tap into the potential of intelligent machines.

Here’s why human IT support specialists continue to be so important in the race towards AI, and why the obsession over intelligent machines misses the point when it dismisses humans entirely. 

Companies are betting big on AI

There’s no denying that companies around the world are betting big on AI with the expectation that it will prove to be one of the most important technological breakthroughs to have occured in living memory. A report from 2017 from the massive Chinese tech company Tencent claimed that the world housed only a few hundred thousand AI engineers but desperately needed millions more. This is because companies everywhere are vying to create AI-based services and desperately need talented human engineers in order to do so. 

That’s why companies are betting big on human engineers such as those working at EIRE Systems. By laying their money down now in an effort to recruit as many talented AI professionals as possible, these companies hope to lay claim to the future and outlast those smaller businesses which didn’t manage to accrue enough talent to endure for long in a marketplace that demands new innovations on a regular basis. 

For evidence of this trend, look no further than Japan, where companies are bending over backwards with high hopes that they’ll lure in talented young workers who are well-versed in all things pertaining to AI. According to an extensive report from The Japan Times, for instance, companies like Fujitsu and Sony are reforming their internal protocols to ensure that salaries are incredibly competitive in order to lure in more AI workers. 

Japanese companies aren’t the only ones offering enviable packages to potential AI engineers, either, as Western companies like Alphabet and Amazon are also engaged in a talent race in order to corner this still-development marketplace. We can thus expect those professionals with the credentials needed to work with AI to enjoy a field day for the foreseeable future when it comes to job prospects.

Reporting from the New York Times illustrates that tech companies are offering these competitive salaries with the expectation that AI engineers work overtime to churn out marvels that validate their healthy compensation. Willing to pay experts literally millions of dollars, these companies expect excellent work in return, demonstrating that the cutthroat AI marketplace still demands savviness and expertise to properly navigate it. Whether those companies offering higher salaries and enticing benefits packages ultimately end up recruiting the best engineers remains to be seen, but businesses everywhere are clearly convinced that human engineers will play an incredibly important role in the future development of artificial intelligence.


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