Free Up More Time in 2020: 5 Tasks That You Can Outsource Today


As an entrepreneur, taking risks is second nature to you. Most entrepreneurs are because they like to be in charge of everywhere their business is headed. It is not surprising then that today’s entrepreneurs are wired a bit differently than those who grew up with the typewriter.

Today’s entrepreneurs like to be in control of everything technology offers. Yet there remain tasks that are not mandatory but more burdensome to your time. Running a business is time-consuming and the efforts in planning and operations can take their toll. It is no wonder that you would be wise to enlist the help of professional outsourced services to meet certain business objectives.

Strategic Marketing

Since marketing at this level is all about the testing, it may not be the best use of your time to perfect your own marketing strategy in the beginning stage. The attention you will need to spend on producing and testing out different mediums and strategies to see what works is significant.

It would be easier to outsource this task. Using a marketing agency can help here. They will have the expertise onboard that will save you valuable time in the long run. You can refocus your efforts on your products or services and other big picture planning.

Once you’ve found a marketing strategy that works, you can automate the process by hiring an employee who simply checks-in and manages the operation.

Accounting / Finance

One of your business goals is obviously staying profitable. Finance is a whole job unto itself. While you should always be aware of where the money is flowing and what your cash on hand is, you can outsource certain core accounting tasks to a professional. There are plenty of payroll companies out there that could manage your payroll and accounting needs.

It would only take one tax error or a failure to track income and expenses in one area for life to suddenly become stressful. Hiring someone for the accounting tasks will spare you that burden. Maybe it is just accounting software you wish to bring into the business that takes many manual tasks out of your hands.

Either way, they will save you time and money so the stress of bookkeeping is off your hands and you can refocus your efforts on business growth some more.


This is one of those areas that seem to never have an end in sight. Calls, calendar events, meetings by phone, video, in-person, sales dates, production dates, etc. all need to be addressed and organized. In short, this is a constant outgoing task that takes up valuable resources of time and attention.

Consider hiring a virtual assistant and have them manage those admin tasks as well as onboarding new team members. While you can still handle the major aspects of the administrative needs, having the extra person to support the majority of the duties is a great help that is worth its weight.


In a way, this can be similar to marketing as it is a drain on your resources as well. If you’re required to do deep dives into company data (i.e. figures and findings etc.), there are many services that are able to do this on your behalf.

This is a task that can be consolidated and outsourced, leaving you with the opportunity to work on more critical logistics.

Customer Service Delivery

Vehicle purchasing, maintenance, and taxes, as well as hiring the staff to deliver your products are a wall of costs involved when starting up.

There are couriers and other logistics services that exist for this very purpose. They are cost-effective simply because they are only there when you need them. Costs will rise and fall along the profit lines.

Keep in mind that logistics costs can be renegotiated as you grow larger or do more business. You can give the customer what they want in the service that you would expect.

Final thoughts

Stating the obvious, you do know that there is a huge difference in working your business and running your business. Spending too much time focusing on your head down will take away any time you need to spend on strategically growing the business.

Outsourcing any of the five items above will save you time, energy and costs while simultaneously continuing to grow your company.


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