Can Businesses Survive Without Proper SEO?


Search engines account for over 90% of online activities. With search engine optimization, you refine the visibility of your web page to get a piece of those activities. It makes sense that we hear about the importance of SEO all the time.

 However, many brands and businesses don’t completely understand the notion. It’s tempting to deem search engine optimization as unnecessary and not put in the effort to understand it. Is this the best for the growth of your business, though?

The Importance of SEO

Let’s start by mentioning the benefits of a well-developed optimization strategy.

Increased Quality Traffic

There are millions of opportunities to reach customers online. Employing an SEO strategy to ensure your rankings are high drives even more traffic to your website. That way, you’re reaching quality users looking for your service. 

Trackable ROI

SEO provides you with trackable, quantifiable results. Analytics that come with such optimization show you where you’re succeeding, where you’re lacking, and who you want to reach. 

 As this digital marketing company explains, such analysis is the core of any good campaign. Your business objectives and starting point make it much clearer what kind of marketing will work best for you and provide the highest ROI. 

Optimal User Experience

High-quality websites enhance the user experience, which is critical for website success. You’ll be offering relevant information to users in only a few clicks.

When It Doesn’t Work

All this to say, sometimes, the resources required for SEO aren’t worth the success it can bring them. Also, not all companies need a full-blown strategy in place. Here are some examples of such businesses.

Companies Not Relying on Search Engines

Innovators are excellent at creating products we never anticipated we’d need. However, nobody looks up ‘a backpack with a seat’ or something similar. 

If your sales depend on customer awareness, which doesn’t exist around the product, an SEO campaign isn’t your best bet.

Businesses Needing Fast Results

SEO is among the highest ROI strategies, but it’s slow. In general, it takes up to six months for a company to start seeing results. If you need quick success, invest your money in paid advertising.

Event and One-Time Offer Promotion

You won’t sell tickets for a one-time event using search engine optimization strategies. Go for public relations, social networks, and paid ads instead.

SEO Is Here To Stay

Unless your business is 100% unique, you’re facing hundreds of competitors every day. Your opposition is using optimization strategies to push their products forward, and by not doing the same, you’re ultimately decreasing your chances for success. 

SEO first showed up over 20 years ago, and while it’s changing, its fundamentals are here to stay. In the world of business today, this isn’t a game you want to lose.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you’re running your business, SEO can help you dominate the saturated online market out there. You’ll need to put in the effort to understand and master it.


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