Why Web Design Is About To Go Mobile


For the past few years, web design has become an increasingly important part of everyday life due to the fact that businesses, non-profits, government organizations, private groups, and individuals all need their own well-designed websites or access to the websites of others. The digitization of our economy has effectively guaranteed that web design will remain a vital facet of our life for years, if not decades, to come. Some serious changes are nevertheless approaching the web design industry, and most of these changes are being fostered by the widespread embrace of smartphones across the globe.

Here’s why web design is about to go mobile, and how young people in particular are driving this trend with their dependencies upon smartphones and tablets.

People love to browse on their phones

The simplest way to explain why web design is about to go mobile is to plainly state that many people, especially younger consumers, love to browse the web on their phones instead of using a laptop or desktop computer. Over the past few years, and at least since 2017 or so, the majority of web traffic around the world has originated from mobile devices. This can seem shocking to some, but the fact that about 52 percent of 2018’s web traffic was from mobile devices should be of little surprise to those who have recently paid attention to the habits of youngsters. 

According to extensive data on this subject collected by the Pew Research Center, teenagers are substantially more likely than their parents to say they do things like check their phones for messages the very moment they wake up in the morning. Parents are more likely to report that they feel their kids are distracted by their digital devices these days, and 54 percent of teens claimed that they spent too much time on their cellphones in particular. 

In the future, those who want to start a website like craigslist should pay careful attention to their mobile web design. Whether you’re a private blogger, a budding corporate professional, or a small business owner trying to digitize their commercial operations, mobile-conscious web design will be of increasing importance as time goes on. 

This means that websites will need to be more readily browseable for users who are depending upon a smaller screen. It must also mean that the nature of advertisements and audio presentation change, too. All in all, we can expect many changes to web design in the forthcoming years, most of them driven by an increasing dependency upon smartphones to access the web.


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