What an Individual Needs to Consider When Hiring a Larm Firm


A person that is hiring a law firm needs to be careful about which one they choose. The right attorney can lead to a larger settlement, reduction in sentence, a better divorce, or help you in case of bankruptcy. Consulting with an attorney is wise but first a person has to understand what type of lawyer they need. The internet can provide a large amount of information and lawyer referral services can assist as well. The following are things an individual needs to consider when hiring a law firm. 

Specializing, Not Just Dabbling

There are plenty of criminal law attorneys that dabble in personal injury cases from time to time. While the attorney could be proficient this does not mean that they will garner the respect of an insurance company’s legal team. Asking for case results or volume will help provide clarity to the choice. A firm that only handles one personal injury case every few months is not a prime candidate to get the best settlement possible. Experts like those at Keith Williams Law Group represent personal injury cases of all kinds. 

Experience Going to Trial 

There are far too many law firms that settle every case rather than take it to trial. A personal injury attorney without trial experience will not receive as high of settlement offers as seasoned trial attorneys. Asking for trial results is not out of line as you need to be as informed as possible to make the right decision. There are attorneys that have been in practice for years without going to trial. This is far more common than many people would imagine. 

Online Reviews and Previous Settlements Garnered 

Online reviews are incredibly helpful for many people trying to find an attorney to help them. Being able to see that an attorney overcharged and underdelivered can be immensely important. Settlements garnered are going to be very public on an attorney’s website as it is a list of achievements. This could be a plea bargain or trial win in an criminal case or a huge product liability case against a huge corporation. Firms that are unwilling to give you examples of similar cases they have handled could lack experience in a huge way. In the digital age, doing your online research matters!

Fees and Payment Structure 

The fees and payment structure of a law firm is going to play a huge role in your decision. There are attorneys that can be immensely expensive and many criminal law attorneys want a large down payment for more serious crimes. Ask multiple attorneys about their fees to compare along with prior case results. Writing out a pros and cons list of choosing a law firm will help you pick the best firm for your current situation. 

As you can see if you ask the right questions and do research you will find a great law firm to represent you! Do not settle with a law firm that you feel uncomfortable with or will not answer your important questions directly. 


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