5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Integem Holographic AR STEAM Summer Camp Now


Can you imagine going anywhere in the universe in the blink of an eye? What about playing with those magical creatures you saw in the movie Jumanji? Or maybe, you want to create an interactive game that you can be inside the game to play with a Pokémon.

You can learn to do all this and more at an Integem Holographic AR Summer camp (https://camp.integem.com). In 2013, the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) got a new letter representing the Arts. STEM now became STEAM. This is after the realization that STEM subjects only utilize the left side of the brain.

Unlike the left side that only processes data, the right side comes up with solutions by asking questions and creating answers. When art is added into STEM programs, a student will learn not only technical skills that they apply at work but also soft skills that are much needed in the business world. Skills such as creativity, empathy, intuition, feelings visualization and collaboration that are now considered to be more important than getting an A in math.

What is Holographic AR?

Integem Holographic Augmented Reality was invented to revolutionize how people interact and communicate with the world around them. You are transported from the real world to a virtual environment that you can control with voice commands, body movements and hand gestures. Students will get a better understanding of STEAM by participating in various hands-on activities.

Holographic AR is not to be confused with virtual reality because you have full control of the virtual environment, and you don’t need to wear a headset or goggles. One thing that stands out with Holographic AR is that students will create Holographic AR programs from scratch using iCreator, the Holographic AR programming language. You can then add anything you want in the program, including visuals, sound and even people.

Instead of using conventional ways to interact with machines like typing, clicking, and touching. On the other hand, Holographic AR enables you to communicate with machines the way you do with other humans, which is by using hand gestures, voice, and body language.

Benefits of Integem Holographic AR STEAM Summer Camps

  1. Productive summer

Summer is a time many kids use to play, watch Netflix and forget all about school. While that is fine for a few days, summer holidays are a bit too long for a child to spend doing absolutely nothing for their brain. By the time schools reopen, the child has forgotten most things they learned that year.

Integem camps are fun and educational activities will keep your child’s mind active and ready for the next term of school. They teach kids skills like analytical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and empathy. Children as young as five years old can learn to harness their creativity and develop their brain all in a week’s worth. However, they also spend a lot of time playing, having fun and socializing with other students.

  1. Helps with future careers

In the next few years, the world is going fully digital. This means that future careers will only suit those who have studied and are skilled in STEAM subjects. Introducing kids to the world of STEAM at an early age will put them at a great advantage when they are considering their future.

Holographic AR gives them practical experience with STEAM in a fun and easy to understand way. They also learn how to incorporate their creative and intuitive side to the technical stuff.

What if my child has no interest in STEM subjects, but thrives in arts, sports and music?

Whether a child chooses to be a teacher, a doctor, engineer or even a writer, the skills they learn in Integem Holographic AR STEAM camps will be invaluable. Integem camp will be even more critical for a child whose right brain is dominant because they can finally learn to utilize their left brain and succeed in the future.

  1. Helps to get them out of the comfort zone

Comfort is the perfect word to describe summer break. Integem camp is a great way to get kids out of that comfort zone. In that one week, kids learn how to be autonomous and not afraid of the unknown. They also make new friends and learn to work with other people because a lot of activities in the Holographic AR STEAM camp require teamwork.

As their minds grow through the practical experiences of Holographic AR, your child will gain self-confidence. Every time they try something new and succeed, their self-esteem gets a boost, and they realize everything is possible. Your child might go to camp afraid of hard courses like engineering will come back home with a new perspective and readiness to conquer the world.

  1. Helps to find inspiration

When kids are young, they have no idea what they want to do in future. Yes, they say they want to be doctors and pilots, but you know they don’t mean that. The idea of the Integem Holographic AR STEAM program is to inspire kids to think outside the box. Children get excited when dreams come to life thanks to Holographic AR.

As they grow up with this inspiration, you can be sure you have raised a child whose potential is unlimited. Instead of avoiding or complaining about a problem, a child who has gone through this STEAM program will use their creativity to find solutions.

  1. What if my Child has already learned to use other Programs, Robots, or Tech?

Many great schools have started to incorporate STEM disciplines into their curriculums. They are teaching kids programming, robotics and other technical knowledge to prepare them for future careers. Students may have already developed passion in learning new technology and creating new things. These traditional STEM programs help students learn Holographic AR programming concepts. However, unlike the course you get in school that only focuses on the physical world, holographic AR integrates both the physical and digital world. Integem is a pioneer in Holographic Augmented Reality, so you have seen nothing like it before. The students will be thrilled with the Holographic AR design and programming experiences.

Preparing your child to be productive in a world that will be very automated is crucial now more than ever. You can choose the camp that fits your child’s age group, from age 5 to 18 years old. Every student gets specialized attention from the teachers to enable them harness technical and soft skills. The goal of Integem Holographic AR camps is to inspire and broaden your child’s mind so they can go into the world ready for what the future holds. You can find more info at  https://camp.integem.com.


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