Fava Herb, a Small Company in Kenya is Making Organic Living a Success


It all started as a simple inspiration that grew from a healthy frustration, Francisca, the founder of Fava Herb had just transitioned to Nairobi, Kenya from the U.S to work as a Management Consultant for one of the Big-4 consulting firms. She worked as a senior strategy advisor and her new life in Kenya was wonderful except for the fact that Francisca could not access organic products easily as the offerings in the market were dearth. The local retailer that was well known for selling organic products would also sell products at exorbitant prices. What this meant was that, access to organic products became an exclusive option left only for the wealthy members of the Kenyan economy.

The option for hoarding organic products for personal use from the U.S became cumbersome for Francisca. This pain-point was the inspiration that birthed Fava Herb, a premier shopping experience designed to make Africa-made, natural and organic products be accessible in Kenya and the world. Fava Herb has become a disruptor in its own way and has slowly evolved to become an independent retailer whose impact is being felt within the region. Fava Herb not only offers finished consumer goods, rather, the company is also a conduit that connects international buyers of bulk commodities to local farmers.

One can say that the business model is structured in three tiers: retail, e-commerce, and bulk. In the retail end, Fava Herb has a concept shop which has quickly filled with products from various organic products from within Kenya and the African region at large. Clients can quickly grab the products they desire as they ask questions and learn more about healthy living choices. Makers of these natural and organic products also have the chance to interact with clients by holding product-showcasing sessions at the shop.

On the e-commerce platform, FavaHerb.com, one can access all retail and bulk products. The main aim of this was to serve clients who are located outside the country as well as local clients who would prefer to shop from the comfort of their workplace or home. FavaHerb.Com has shipped products worldwide and has attended to all manners of sourcing needs for clients beyond the borders of Kenya. To keep up with the times, the company has integrated various payment systems such as the revolutionary mobile payment option called MPESA, majorly accepted cards, and also Bitcoin. Additionally, all deliveries are done via motorbikes, bus companies, and a largely known international courier company with whom the company has commercial agreements.

On the bulk end, Fava Herb serves as a consultant for brands looking to source bulk commodities such as premium purple tea, black CTC tea, black orthodox tea, cocoa beans, vanilla beans, and ancient, heirloom corn seeds. The Company also helps with sourcing super-foods such as baobab powder, moringa, neem, spirulina, Tanzanian wild rice and other super-foods, which are grown and cultivated within east Africa. The growth of the natural skincare industry has also led to an increase in demand for botanical oils and Fava Herb has supplied several brands with plant oils and butters such as baobab, jojoba, moringa oil, mango butter, shea butter, eucalyptus, geranium, and more.

The company continues to expand the product offerings. More natural and organic product companies are mushrooming within Kenya and each is interested in making their products available within the market through Fava Herb.

The efforts made by Fava Herb haven’t gone unnoticed, as the company has been featured in several, well renowned TV and print media within Kenya. It is worth celebrating the gains that African women such as Francisca has made by simply becoming a strategic market maker in the East African region. She credits all gains made by Fava Herb to her faith in God Almighty and draws all of her inspiration from the messages of Christianity, which, she says have become a pivotal point for her decision making process as a business woman.

For those interested in contacting the company, you can reach out to them by visiting their website, FavaHerb.com or through their social media accounts as Fava Herb.