New Herpes Cure Developed by Synergy Pharmaceuticals Could Lend Alternative Medicine New Credibility


Sydney, Australia – There’s a long history of division and infighting between supporters of alternative medicine and the more traditional medical community.  Patients turn to holistic treatments for several reasons – among them, alternative medicines align with their beliefs, values, and philosophical approaches to health and life [1].  They also believe that medications with natural ingredients are healthier and safer [2].  However, medical professionals question their efficacy, often discrediting the alternative medicine community as one that relies more on hopes and irrational beliefs than science.  But a new, viable herpes cure from Synergy Pharmaceuticals in Australia could shift the dynamic of the argument, giving alternative medicine a much-needed vote of confidence.

A natural cure for herpes

On Synergy Pharmaceuticals’ official website [3], there are several testimonials from happy consumers.  One customer, Troy, tested negative for herpes after just three months on the company’s Combination Herpes Treatment.  Shamira K. tested negative for herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV-2) before she reached the 90-day mark.  Jennifer M. was herpes-free after 7 months.  More and more people are springing up on social media, courageous enough to tell their personal ordeal and success stories. At what seems a groundswell of newly cured cases every day.

The Combination Herpes Treatment, a natural, five-ingredient medication, has not only suppressed herpes symptoms in patients – it has completely removed the virus from their bloodstreams.  It’s an especially impressive achievement given that herpes has always been viewed as a life sentence.

For those living with herpes, their only option for treatment has been antiviral medications. But these aren’t entirely effective because it’s difficult to know when flareups will occur. Herpes is an “on-again-off-again” virus that goes through periods of latency and reactivation.  Standard antiviral medications would work if the virus stayed active consistently, but its unpredictable nature means that results aren’t guaranteed.  That means herpes sufferers either have to take medication year-round and hope for the best, or keep medication on-hand to take at the first sign of a flareup.

The Combination Herpes Treatment has removed the guesswork and found incredible success amongst patients who’ve used it.  But, despite this revolutionary breakthrough, the traditional medical community hasn’t been as enthusiastic.

Conventional medical professionals take aim

Because of long-held beliefs in the medical community, there is a reluctance to embrace Synergy Pharmaceuticals’ treatment.  Official organizations and experts would prefer a treatment breakthrough that aligns with the current standard of treatment or at least travels through the normal channels.

There has also been more open skepticism from medical organizations.  The American Council on Science and Health went after Synergy in a March 2019 blog post, writing off the Combination Herpes Treatment as a run-of-the-mill supplement.  Many of the objections raised in the piece stemmed from the misdirection of the FDA towards the former Synergy Pharmaceuticals based in New York. Understandably, critics like Josh Bloom come as no surprise given his longstanding employment with Wyeth and then Pfizer.  What is more starting is Josh was himself a supporter and advocate for the Rational Vaccine study that was later brought under federal criminal investigation.

The criticisms present an interesting conundrum.  Synergy Pharmaceuticals has succeeded at curing herpes by embracing alternative medicine and working outside of the parameters of the traditional medical community.  But in maintaining its bias against non-pharmaceutical treatments, said community has made a conscious effort to delegitimize the treatment, a decision that isn’t in the best interests of the more than 4 billion people who suffer from HSV-1 and HSV-2 infections worldwide.

Why Synergy Pharmaceuticals’ cure matters

For herpes sufferers, the Combination Herpes Treatment could provide a level of relief and normalcy that isn’t possible with the current antiviral medications prescribed by medical professionals.  Synergy’s solution offers patients a way to improve life today and beyond.

And for the alternative medicine community, Synergy Pharmaceuticals’ success can provide a boost of credibility.  The results from Synergy’s customers and its clinical trials are indisputable – there’s true evidence of the Combination Herpes Treatment’s efficacy.  This is a treatment that seems to debunk the biggest criticisms about the alternative medicine community – that its medications don’t work and that its approach to health isn’t based in science.

Looking ahead

To hold onto its legitimacy, Synergy Pharmaceuticals will need to bolster its operations and fend off its critics as well as those who threaten its success.

The company will need to form and maintain strong partnerships across Europe to scale its business.  Additionally, it may need to be prepared to battle its bigger pharmaceutical rivals.  Where some in the medical field may simply try to discredit Synergy, companies that view Synergy as a threat may take a more aggressive approach and attempt to buy out the company and shelve the Combination Herpes Treatment.

Even though Synergy’s medication is achieving unprecedented results and finding success where so many other companies have failed, the company has a greater responsibility than simply helping customers and delivering a quality product.  It has to fight an age-old stigma about alternative medicine, a battle that could have long-lasting implications for Synergy – and the entire alternative medicine community. Further reference at

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