How Does Sales Enablement Increase Productivity


If you are thinking about potentially implementing  sales enablement in your business, you might be wondering if the process is really worth it and whether or not it will actually end up benefiting your business at the end of the day. Well we are here to tell you that sales enablement definitely increases productivity in so many ways! Odds are that you are actually already practicing some elements of sales enablement in your business but they just aren’t integrated – so taking those steps to integrate everything doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. In the end, and financial or temporal investments that you make into sales enablement will be returned in revenue and productivity. So here are four ways that sales enablement increases productivity:

Salespeople Focus on Sales

Sales enablement allows you to take a lot of burdens off of your sales team and have them totally focus all of their time and energy on actually making sales. A lot of sales teams have to spend unnecessary time on things like administrative tasks, redundant processes, and complicated tools that waste time that they could be spending actually making sales and bringing in money. Furthermore, sales enablement can also help other departments focus on their roles as well by improving processes for everyone and keeping everyone on the same page. At the end of the day, sales enablement helps many different people can focus on the money-making aspects of their jobs and maximize profits and efficiency. 

Salespeople Know the Product

Sales enablement also allows you to set up training and education programs so that all of your salespeople are well-versed in the products that they are selling as well as the basic principles of selling. While it might not seem necessary for salespeople to go back to the basics, it can actually be really worthwhile to get a solid foundation on these key principles that can make them better salespeople. Furthermore, it’s hard to sell something that you don’t know like the back of your hand. When salespeople know their products well, they are better able to anticipate and meet their clients’ needs and make more sales as a result. A more satisfied customer is more likely to return again and again thanks to their positive experiences. 

Sales Processes Are Streamlined

One of the main tasks of a sales enablement team is to create a simple and streamlined sales process to make things easier on everyone. It’s not uncommon to run into processes that weren’t actually set up together but just kind of came to be over time due to various reasons. These processes are almost always grossly inefficient. Sales enablement takes these processes, makes sense of them, and then creates a new process that is efficient, simple, and contributes to the main goal. Furthermore, it allows unnecessary processes – like manual approval – to be eliminated or streamlined so that salespeople don’t have to wait around for things to get approved and can focus on making more sales instead. 

Sales Data Is Analyzed 

Another great feature of sales enablement that increases productivity is its ability to make sense of data. Everyone knows that sales data is important but a lot of companies aren’t using this data in every way that they can. There are tons of sales enablement tools out there that can gather, process, and make sense of all of this data so that you can pinpoint areas that aren’t working and areas that are. By being proactive when it comes to processes and strategies, you can remain highly productive and efficient by fine tuning these processes early and not wasting time and money by allowing them to continue unnecessarily.


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