5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Bamboo Toilet Paper


These days everyone is switching over to eco friendly alternatives or at least people are thinking about it. Now you can easily make your bathroom more eco friendly by stocking  up on some bamboo toilet paper.  Yes you heard that right, toilet paper made entirely out of bamboo! 

Some people are very particular about the toilet paper they use and stick to a specific one or just buy whatever is on sale. The great thing about bamboo toilet paper is that you will most likely find it far superior to what you were using, you can find great prices online and have it delivered to your door. Here are five reasons why you should switch to bamboo toilet paper.

1: Eco Friendly 

If everyone switched to bamboo or other paper alternatives, especially for toilet paper, we would save so many trees and contribute to the efforts of reducing deforestation. Bamboo is perfect to use as a paper alternative for a few reasons. First of all it grows extremely fast and can grow up to three feet in just 24 hours. It also uses 30% less water than trees and one acre of bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than one acre of trees. They also do not need to be replanted so it is easy to maintain and keep consistent growth for reliable harvesting. On top of all this, most of the companies making bamboo toilet paper are dedicated to reducing their overall ecological footprint and do not use any plastic in their packaging. 

2: Soft and Strong

The fibers of bamboo are softer and stronger than the fibers in recycled paper and wood making it better suited for making toilet paper. Bamboo fibers are so strong that they have a higher tensile strength than some alloys of steel. Not that you need toilet paper that is stronger than metal but it definitely has its benefits. You will without a doubt fall in love with how soft bamboo toilet paper is and you might even start telling other people how great it is. 

3: Zero Trees 

Make sure that if you do decide to try out some bamboo toilet paper that you go with a brand that uses 100% bamboo, especially if reducing your eco footprint is important to you. It makes so much sense, the entire world should be using bamboo, for everything. Toilet paper is a good start and can make a serious impact if it takes over. Approximately 30,000 trees are cut down everyday solely for the purpose of making toilet paper and 0% of them can be recycled. Bamboo toilet paper can really make a difference in the way people look at paper products in general and you could be a part of it by switching over. 

4: Sustainable 

With the situation we have put ourselves in regarding our planet, sustainability is a very important and vital concept to embrace. Bamboo is one of our planet’s most fascinating resources and it’s unbelievable that not many people are tapping into it. Bamboo can be harvested once a year and never has to be replanted. This means that bamboo forests can live and thrive as long as their environment remains suitable for growth. 

5: Convenience 

With the convenience that companies making bamboo toilet paper have provided,  you may never have to put TP on your shopping list or struggle to fit it in your car ever again. That’s right, you can get the most amazing, soft and durable bamboo toilet paper delivered right to your door. Not only do you not have to stress about having to go to the store for  toilet paper, you can feel good about your purchase and contribution to the eco friendly movement when you buy real bamboo toilet paper.


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