4 Ways to Style Compression Socks


Compressions socks are an easy and efficient way to improve your blood circulation. No matter your lifestyle, whether you are sedentary most of your day or on your feet, compression socks can improve your circulatory health by aiding the circulation in your lower extremities. Compression socks can also drastically improve leg swelling. By actively compressing veins which hold large amounts of blood within the body, compression socks help your circulatory system by squeezing the blood in your veins to fight against gravity and get blood back to the heart.

While compression socks are seen as a medical aid, they can also be made into a fashionable statement and combine your style and health, boosting your confidence and providing your feet and legs some relief. Here are four ways to style compression socks. 

Wear Underneath Pants

An easy way to style compression socks during the colder months is to wear pants over them. With many compression socks being knee-high, wearing pants over them will avoid the fashion disaster of wearing knee high socks with shorts. 

Since compression socks come in a variety of thicknesses, thin knee-high compression socks can even be worn with tighter fitting pants. The thicker socks can be worn in the coldest months of the year to add to your overall warmth and comfort. By pairing compression socks with pants, jeans, or scrubs; you can have a  healthy circulatory health and good sense of fashion. 

Wear Boots

As an alternative to wearing pants to conceal compression socks, higher length boots can be another way to make longer compression socks more fashionable. Whether the boots are designer boots to go into your office job or working steel toed boots to go to the construction site, compression socks are very versatile and can be utilized in either of these situations. 

Thicker compression socks can be used for those that stand for prolonged periods of time in boots to add extra cushion to the bottom of their feet, while the thinner compression socks can allow for sweat to be wicked away and keep your feet cooler. Compression socks can easily be concealed under your boots, while simultaneously providing the known health benefits and comfort. 

Make a Statement

While the rule of having sock be the same color as your pants works for some people, straying from this and having fun with the color and pattern of socks can add a little wow-factor to your outfit. Turning compression socks, which are traditionally something people hide, into something people will be sure to notice and give you tons of compliments. 

Compression socks can be tasteful enough to show off. By choosing a pair of compression socks that compliment your outfit you can wear them in multiple ways. Compression socks can be paired with shorts, a skirt, or a dress to allow you to show off your socks. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, you can certainly utilize your compression socks to be functional as well as make a fashion statement.  

Ankle Compression socks

Compression socks during the warmer months are much more difficult to style. One solution to this problem is finding a pair of ankle compression socks. While ankle compression socks do not provide the full benefits of knee-high compression socks, they still do offer compression to the feet and some arch support while also looking much better with shorts. 

Some ankle compression socks are still able to decrease foot swelling while also targeting arch compression which results in a comfortable alternative sock to full length compression socks. To get the most out of this solution wearing the longer knee-high socks when you get home will drastically make the situation better by still giving the circulatory benefits. This solution of utilizing ankle during the day and full length at night is better than skipping on the compression when the weather gets warmer. 


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