3 Reasons to Wear Patriotic Apparel



  • You are a Patriot


It’s no surprise that the number one reason to wear patriotic apparel is because you are a patriot. 

The dictionary describes a patriot as a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors. 

There are many people out there who claim they are patriots but if it came down to defending their country against enemies foreign and abroad they may reconsider their patriotism. 

So this number one reason for wearing patriotic apparel is for you diehard patriots fans! 

And no we are not talking about the football team we are talking about the United States of America “F#%* Yeah!”. 

God bless the United States and God bless its patriots! Patriotic apparel was made for you! 

In fact if you are such a diehard patriot you most likely have many items of patriotic apparel in your closet at this very moment. 

Well if you’d like to add more it is your God-given right. 

You know that people may not like you if you support a certain democratic party but if it came down to it you are the backbone of this country. 

Wear that patriotic apparel proudly knowing they can think what they want but when push comes to shove you are a true patriot. 

Thank you for representing!


  • You are a Quasi-Patriot 


Now for you diehard patriots you may not like this second reason because for you it’s all or nothing. So let it be known that to be understood. 

However you’ve got to love the quasi-patriots because at least they would like to consider themselves patriots. 

These quasi-patriots love their country as well they just might not have the balls to fight for their country but they still love it God bless them. 

The United States of America is a sweet country. It is a prosperous country. It is land of the free and home of the brave. 

After all who would not want to be an American. Putting political  parties aside, what the United States represents is something that only the rest of the world dreams of. 

In fact these quasi-patriots know it to be true because they walk around wearing patriotic apparel as well. 

These men and women love their country and they proudly wear it on their sleeve. 

They love the ideals and principles of our constitution and it makes them feel very proud to be an American. 

Just like any sports team fan they are a huge fan for the United States of America and they wear their patriotic apparel proudly! 

They wear it on presidents’ Day, Veterans Day, and all the other patriotic holidays. 

They may even wear this apparel out on a normal Tuesday because they love their country so much. 

They may even love their country so much they wear the same patriotic apparel on Wednesday. 

There is no doubt though that they have more than one item of Patriotic apparel. 

These quasi-patriots consider themselves full-blown patriots. Just don’t go handing them a rifle because they most likely do not know how to use one. 

But say one bad word about your country and they are sure to speak up and have no doubt about that. 

We all love them because they love our country. God bless America!


  • It Looks Cool

Let’s face it folks, the colors of red white and blue and our American bald eagle mascot are just plain old badass! 

Who would not want to wear patriotic apparel with the red white and blue colors and stars representing. 

The bald eagle is a beautiful animal That represents strength and freedom. In fact it inspires people to strive for excellence for bravery and for freedom. 

If you don’t find yourself as a patriot or a quasi-patriot but you like the American flag and the bald eagle well then you might just be on your way to becoming a quasi-patriot. 

Even if you only like the designs and colors of patriotic apparel you will find yourself wearing them. 

Once you’re wearing these stripes and stars you will immediately feel a connection with your country. May God bless you and keep you until you do.


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