5 Reasons Groms Uptown Collection is For You


When it comes to style with elegant trends, Groms Uptown collections have embarked on elegance far outweighing the rest. This collection is exceeding everyone’s expectations on its sleek design, its modern twist, neutral colors and Formal ambiance of its color pallets. There are several reasons why the Groms collection line is sure to be right for you. 

Sleek Designs 

The sharp soft textures of the Groms Uptown collection are going to last the test of time. There are bestsellers like the Stockholm chair that can raise any room to a show stopper and stop a conversation mid breaths to seep into the wonder of its soft white wool and imported pieces from Italy. Each item in this designer collection sparks a centerpiece and takes the room to the next level. 

Modern Lines 

Each individual piece holds a modern twist and embarks on a new way of creating a subtle hint of a classic style that transforms a bland room into a contemporary masterpiece. The straight lines of the popular Irvine Coffee Table can be mixed into any room with its glass top with a pop of current trending body style. The style of this collection creates a perfect fit for updating and converting style and grace into anyone’s home or office. 

Neutral Colors 

The neutral colors of the Uptown collection bring a subtle yet vital chic embrace to secure a classic modern look you’ll love. The variety of upholstered textures like the Howell Upholstered bed, creates a delightfully inviting space to curl up and read a book on. The rugs in this collection also add in a bit of warmth and a sense of charm and elegance to a more formal setting like a dining room or living room. The variety of textures like shag, hand tufted wool with hints of sheen, like that of the Emil rug, can put your room on a spotlight. 

Formal Greys

The soft undertones of a grey can have a variety of dimensions. In one light the grey can have an increasingly bold modern hughe and mid-day can take a whole new sense of a traditional vibe. Every grey captures just the right bit of light to blend in or stand out in the crowd. Who knew the bold textures and light that eliminates from a mirror can add a showpiece piece of art to a traditional space. The Arthington mirror can stop you while deep in a conversation to observe its sleek silver sun like French shine with its metal spokes and gold trim. There are art pieces like the print of the Grand Central Station Ceiling that can bring you back to a time where class and industry were colliding in all of its glory. 

Ultimate Glam Black 

If anyone could pair the ultimate little black dress with a piece of glam furniture it would be from this Groms Uptown collection. The Italian inspired strong solid wood of the Regent coffee table, with its geometric lines and richness can satisfy anyone’s renowned pallet. With the subtle hints of craftsmanship and unique quality of the texture and feel of the Colby Velvet chair we will be lavishing in its everyday durable Brazilian Oak for years to come. 

This Groms Uptown collection does not only serve as eye candy for the most modern and luxurious homes, its quality materials can allow us to sit and enjoy it in the most conventional ways. From dining to lighting, and bedroom to rugs, we can see that this collection is having a fine balance of its versatile stylish contemporary grace. 


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