Derrick Rose Says He Tried To Recruit Big Three For Chicago Bulls


Cleveland Cavaliers player Derrick Rose said Tuesday night that despite claims to the contrary, he had made an earnest effort to recruit the ‘Big Three’ to the Chicago Bulls, claiming he had recorded a video trying to urge the players to come to Chicago. 

In 2010, when basketball players Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and LeBron James were all searching for teams, the Chicago Bulls attempted to court the famous group of basketball superstars. However, the trio eventually ended up with the Miami Heat, ultimately winning the Florida team two NBA finals. Many critics claimed in the years that followed that Rose, at the time on the Bulls roster, had not tried enough to help recruit.

But on Tuesday night, ahead of a Bulls vs. Cleveland Cavaliers game with James and Wade, Rose said those claims were untrue. 

“People always said I didn’t recruit. I tried to recruit. I put out a video, but it wasn’t for me to say that. I felt like the organization was supposed to say that, and they didn’t,” Rose said Tuesday, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

He added that he never knew if any of the players had ever received or watched his video, but said he knew the Chicago Bulls had sent it. Rose said he had kept his opinions quiet over the past several years because “I just wanted to see who had my back.” 

However, he also clarified there is “no bad blood” between him and the Bulls, according to the Chicago Tribune, instead wishing the organization good luck in its attempt to rebuild its team. 

The Chicago Sun Times claimed an unidentified source within the Chicago Bulls disputed Rose’s revelation, saying he had been asked to help and “backed out” of some requests after doing his kickboxing classes

But at least one member of the ‘Big Three’ said in statement that he appreciated Rose’s efforts. Although last season Wade had commented that a phone call from Rose might have convinced him to join the Bulls, he said Tuesday he understood that was uncomfortable for the basketball player to do. 

“That’s not his personality. Don’t want to do something that’s not in someone’s personality,” Wade said in a statement, according to Fansided. “We knew he wanted us to come in. He didn’t have to be on our line all the time. We knew that. We just made a decision that was better for us.”

In July, Rose signed a $2.1 million dollar, one-year agreement with the Cavaliers, joining James and Wade on the Ohio team. He said the signing gave him a new opportunity to “reintroduce” himself into the league. “I get to bet on myself. That was one of the reasons why I came here. I’m from Chicago. I got that hustling side. It’s in me. Next time you pay me, you gotta pay me double. So it’s fine with me,” he said, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

The Bulls defeated the Cavaliers Tuesday night 108-94. Wade scored just four points for the night, while James earned 17 and Rose earned 13.


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