5 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About Men’s Athleisure

  • Dress Pants

That’s right, dress pants are now part of  men’s athleisure wear. Dress pants can often be uncomfortable for men.

These pants may sometimes be too tight around the waist and ride up a little high in the crotch area. With men’s athleisure dress pants you won’t have to worry about that.

Men’s athleisure dress pants are so comfortable and they look just like dress pants. This is a fun secret to wear to the office. In fact you may be in a hurry to get to the gym before work.

With the innovations in Mens at leisurewear it is changing the game. Men can now go to the gym and work out in what looks like dress pants but is actually designed for activewear as well.

These dress pants come in an assortment of colors including khaki navy blue, baby blue, charcoal gray, black, burgundy and more.

  • Golf Attire

Men’s athleisure was made for golf! Okay, maybe not exclusively for golf but it’s designs and clothing is comfortable for activewear and breathes well.

Athleisure wear also comes with polo tops and the above mentioned dress pants. This makes it easy to find the perfect golf outfit that’s comfortable and active that really breathes.

After a round no one would even know you went golfing unless you wear your cleats out of course.

What’s great about athleisure wear for golf is that there are so many choices. The pants and shorts come in a variety of different colors as well as the polo shirts.

Not only will that ball look good when it rolls in the hole making birdie but you’ll be styling as you make that swing.

  • Spill Proof

A couple great qualities about athleisure wear are the new materials and technology. Athleisure wear contains new fibers that prevent odors from becoming a problem.

It reduces the odors with a sweat wicking stretchable fiber that provides breathability to allow airflow in and out keeping the body cool and protecting it from dirt.

The new material used in athleisure wear combined with its new technology makes some of the clothing resistant to water, grease and stains.

On top of being comfortable and styling this makes for a great bonus.

  • Don’t Get Sloppy

When it comes to the fashion world women’s opinions sure do weigh heavy in today’s society. When asked about their opinions on men’s athleisure wear, here is what was said.

One woman made a good point saying you have to do it right. A man can’t get lazy by putting on a pair of sweatpants saying this is “athleisure“.

She goes on to say that more thought needs to be put into fit and cut materials because otherwise it just looks sloppy.

This is a great secret tip for those men out there that want to wear athleisure wear in public often. It’s important to shop for the right athleisure wear that looks stylish and form fitting.

It should look like you put some thought into your outfit.

  • Motivates Men to Be Healthy

Athleisure wear has become so stylish that it has become acceptable to wear outside of the gym.

In fact athleisure wear is becoming so popular and stylish that it is now a go to for many people when deciding what to wear in their daily lives.

It’s stretchy, cut and form fitting fabric accentuates curves and muscles. It may also point out a few areas that might need some work.

In this regard it definitely makes a person more aware of their body. For the men out there belly’s are a common area where extra weight is stored.

These clothes will motivate men to get into better shape so that they can look their best!


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