Kayaking with a Dog – Some Helpful Tips


Millions of us go adventuring with our dogs.  If you’re heading out into the great, wild unknown, why wouldn’t you take your pet with you?  If you’re taking to the water, you may even have thought about kayaking with a dog.  But isn’t it all a bit difficult?

Not necessarily.  Plenty of people, some of maybe someone you know, has kayaked with a dog.  Providing you make it a comfortable and interesting experience for them, you could make for an exciting holiday to remember.  Why leave your furry friends on dry land?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you are taking a dog with you on a kayaking trip.

Bear Weight in Mind

Your ability to take a dog kayaking is going to depend on the type of vessel you use.  As you likely know, the  world of kayaking is pretty broad.  There are some sizable boats out there that are more than likely to carry bigger breeds.

But will kayaking be awkward for larger dogs?  Think about space and comfort for your pet.  If you have a small dog, boating is likely to be a lot more flexible.  However, there’s nothing to say you can’t go kayaking with a dog of larger size and stature.


Run Through Some Training

It’s not just you who will need to prepare for your kayaking trip!  Your dog is going to need to get used to the water.  Most breeds will likely love swimming and paddling around!  However, if your pet hasn’t ever been in the water before, it’s time to introduce them slowly to the concept.

You’ll also need to consider their bathroom habits.  Where are they likely to pee and poop?  It’s probably best they don’t make a mess in your kayak!  Therefore, make sure to investigate on-command training.  Yes – believe it or not, it’s possible for your dog to learn how to poop on command.

You should also make sure your dog isn’t likely to jump on and off your boat until you’re ready.  Again, you can do this by practicing commands.  A great way to look at this would be to set up a kayak in your back yard!

Be Safe

Above all, you need to ensure that your dog is going to be safe on the water.  You can buy personal flotation devices, for example, which will keep them afloat if they fall in.  It makes sense that your pet should always wear one, even when you’re dry and unlikely to hit any busy current.

That’s because you never know when your dog might jump in! Even the best-trained pets could see something that interests them and be up and away.

Kayaking with a Dog?  It’s Possible – and Easy

If you’re considering kayaking with a dog, the number one rule is to prepare.  Make sure your pet knows basic commands and do ensure your boat is big enough for you both!  Otherwise, it could be a memorable experience for all the wrong reasons.


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