IT Specialists Race To Warn Public Of Dangerous Developments


Modern technological developments occur so quickly that it’s almost impossible to keep up with all of them, but that hasn’t stopped a number of IT specialists from racing to inform the public about dangerous innovations which could be rendering them vulnerable to hackers and other nefarious actors. The proliferation of Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) technology is the latest example of this trend, as a recent report indicates that this technology which is being rapidly adopted is actually vulnerable to basic security breaches.

LoRaWAN technology is particularly important for the internet of things, according to an extensive report on its technological capacities from Electronic Design. Built for battery-powered sensory technology that needs to connect to the internet, LoRaWAN technology has been widely proliferated over the past few years as the internet of things has further entrenched itself in commercial and industrial practices. Smart cities which are increasingly embracing sensors when it comes to traffic light management or weather monitoring are another example of how LoRaWAN technology has become widely used in recent years. 

According to one report from McKinsey, the Internet of Things is a major driver of growth for modern businesses, thus demonstrating how LoRaWAN technology spread so quickly. Researchers and IT specialists are beginning to sound the alarm that the widespread adoption of this technology could be a major security threat, however. 

That’s according to security researchers at IOActive, who recently published a 27 page report on the subject of LoRaWAN’s potential vulnerabilities, according to zdnet. Broadcasting data by tapping into the power of radio waves can be quite unsecure, according to these security researchers, who warn that the proliferation of this technology could jeopardize the network security of businesses or homeowners. 

From technical misconfigurations to simple design choices which could render it more vulnerable than normal to cyberattacks, researchers are warning that LoRaWAN technology is providing hackers with a wide array of ways to get access to crucial information. Encryption keys, QR codes, and LoRaWAN network servers are all examples of IT devices or tools which could be exploited to bypass otherwise robust network security.

This new report on the dangers associated with LoRaWAN comes at the same time that consumers everywhere are sounding off their rising concerns about digital privacy and security. According to information put forward by Fortune, for instance, consumers everywhere are reporting increased concern for cybersecurity but don’t actually know how to practice safer digital habits themselves. While most consumers lack the IT expertise needed to implement LoRaWAN technology into their own lives without the assistance of someone else, this latest development will likely further concern the public when it comes to who has access to their IT networks. It’s thus likely that network auditing tools will continue to gain in popularity in the near-future, as remedies will be needed for this serious issue. 

Internet service companies like Comcast allow businesses and individuals to set up devices which may make use of LoRaWAN, so it may be difficult to fully police these devices. IT specialists everywhere are thus in a race against time to warn against the possible dangers or security shortfalls which could arise with LoRaWAN technology before it becomes too widely proliferated. 


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