Honeymoon Tourist Vacation Packages in Greece and Italy


When a couple is getting married, apart from the wedding ceremony itself, there is one more important thing that the bride and groom have to plan for: their honeymoon trip. This is a once in a lifetime trip that needs to be as special and unique as possible, because this will be when the couple will get to celebrate their wedding alone, without all their friends and their families present. For many couple, the honeymoon trip is just as important as the wedding itself.

However, although this trip is very special and it should be as memorable as possible; people don’t have an infinite amount of money, which means that they have to plan this trip with a set budget in mind, which is why the honeymoon trip’s cost is one of newlyweds’ biggest worries. But, what factors determine that cost and how can one keep them in check? Let’s find out.

The destination

It goes without saying that the destination is pretty much the defining factor of any trip, since it pretty much determines how the travelers will spend their time during their trip. As far as cost and prices go, we wouldn’t be exaggerating if we said that the destination is by far the most important factor. The destination for a wedding needs to be special and it needs to be one that the couple is likely never to visit again, which is why a lot of couples opt for exotic locations such as Sri Lanka and the Canary Islands. Those destinations however tend to raise the trip’s cost to ridiculous levels. There are other destinations that are just as romantic and beautiful and they will make your trip memorable without costing you an arm and a leg. The Greek islands are a perfect example of such a destination. There are several Italy and Greece vacation packages that combine both these beautiful destinations in a wonderful experience.

The hotel

If the honeymoon’s destination is responsible for 70 or 80% percent of the trip’s cost, then the hotel is responsible for the remainder. It goes without saying that a stay in a five-star luxury resort is going to cost you. That being said, you can still get to enjoy a luxurious stay for a fraction of the cost of a stay in an exclusive resort. Just look for packages that include the honeymoon suite of a five or even four – star hotel. Just act fast because those packages tend to literally fly away, especially during the summer months when thousands of couples all over the world choose to get married.

The agency

The bigger the agency, the better deals they will have for you, this is a basic rule of thumb when looking for a honeymoon package or a tourist package deal in general. However, one needs to always keep in mind that trusting the first agency that offers a somewhat enticing package is a huge mistake. Always take the time to research the market and look for the best deals. Also, if you are interested in a very specific destination, look for agencies that specialize in it, for example, there are travel agencies that specialize in exotic destinations, which means that if you are interested in such a destination, you should definitely start your research there.

The perks

Finally, perks can significantly reduce the cost of your trip, but what do we mean by perks? Well, most agencies will throw in some fun activities for free or at a much reduced cost in the packages that they offer to newlyweds. Those little bonuses are known as perks and they can make all the difference when it comes to choosing a package. The more the perks, the smaller the cost of the overall honeymoon experience.


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