Mindtalk – your thoughts are not our business


Are you ever worried about someone reading your private thoughts? This question bothers more and more people after years of security leaks and mishandling of private data by social networks. Asking this question is much easier than solving it. We can’t go back to the pre-digital age and we shouldn’t want to. The Internet is one of the greatest human achievements and provides huge benefits. We can improve it.

Solution won’t be easy. We need to work on many different ideas to move us to our goal. There is a discussion amongst governments and regulators what steps they should take to protect consumers without stifling innovation. Internet companies are cooperating with them as much as their shareholders allow them to. This process will take years and the customers can do something simple to help right now.

We can take a look years back on early Internet pioneers who were thinking about the issue of privacy decades before anyone else. Their solution was straightforward – encryption. If used properly, it prevents anyone from easily reading your data. It’s already used all across the Internet, especially for sending information like when you use your bank application. Other companies already use it to protect their private data which they store with 3rd parties. Unfortunately, consumers use encryption rarely by themselves. There is a good reason – it’s hard. Using encryption tends to be clunky and requires technical knowledge. Fortunately, we have seen new platforms which helps to secure data much more easily.

One of the examples is Blockstack platform which allows software developers to create applications with automatic data encryption. This prevents even developers themselves to read data and customers are only one with access.

Mindtalk is built on top of the Blockstack. It’s a simple diary application with great UX. You can write your most profound thoughts which are automatically encrypted and synchronized across your devices. It was audited by independent parties to make sure it respects your privacy and doesn’t monetize your data. It’s an application you can trust.


Try Mindtalk today.


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