2020 Will Bring Major Educational Changes


The new year has arrived, and 2020 has brought with it a slew of cultural, political, and economic changes. The confluence of these dizzying changes will be the education system, where major innovations and setbacks are occuring in tandem with one another to disrupt our educational status quo. Teachers, students, parents, and onlookers across the nation will witness a wide variety of major educational changes as 2020 truly begins to unfold.

What specifically will the new year bring? Here’s how 2020 will reshape our education system, and what leading players are doing about these tumultuous (and at times positive) changes.

Expect more privatization

Across the nation, we can expect to see substantially greater levels of privatization take hold throughout 2020. This is due to a wide variety of causes, chief amongst them the stances of the leaders of the U.S. Department of Education and the private action which is currently occurring across the educational marketplace. The state of higher ed LMS indicates that private actors are actively attempting to make it so that the three major LMS companies own roughly 80 percent of the multi-billion dollar market. 

The consequences of privatization are sure to be wide-ranging, if not difficult to predict. Reduced accessibility is generally a given whenever privatization occurs, especially since public companies like Canvas will not be able to provide services to as large a swathe of the public if they’re rendered private via purchase. If private actors have their way, we can thus expect to see the continued privatization of the American educational system at a time when many Americans are growing deeply concerned about things like rising student debt levels and the on-site security of educational facilities. 

We can also expect more individuals to embrace RESP models in an effort to deal with this increased privatization. What is an RESP? A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) helps save money for long-term education spending, for instance that of your child. As the educational system tilts in a more privatized direction, individuals everywhere are taking it upon themselves to save more money and make more long-term financial plans for the self-financing of their education. As 2020 gets underway, we should expect financial planning like this to become a major industry in and of itself across the United States.

In truth, it seems that a record number of Americans are making these sorts of saving plans explicitly because of economic anxiety brought about by rising student debt levels. In that regard, 2020 will also deliver tumultuous changes…

The election will be pivotal 

With the 2020 presidential election underway, it’s safe to say that its outcome will be pivotal to the future of the American educational system. Democratic candidates like Senators Sanders and Warren are promising major and costly overhauls to the education system, whereas the incumbent President Trump has proposed a 2020 education budget that slashes program-level funds sent to the DoE. 

The costs of attaining an education and saving more money than ever before to afford it are thus clearly going to be driving factors of educational changes in 2020. As the new year truly gets underway, expect divisive debates over the future of our schools to keep raging.


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