Homeowners Report Unusually Close Bonds With Real Estate Agents


Homeowners across the country have reported that they’re quite close and comfortable with real estate agents. Indeed, homeowners have actually indicated that they have a very unusually close bond with real estate agents, with some arguing that they feel more comfortable with their real estate gurus than they do with their therapists. 

Here’s how homeowners everywhere feel about real estate professionals, and why the bond between these two groups has tightened in recent years.

In realtors we trust

There’s no denying that Americans love their realtors; according to one report highlighted by HousingWire, for instance, a majority of both homebuyers and sellers reported that they’re more comfortable with their real estate agents than they are with their therapist. For the most part, homebuyers and sellers don’t go shopping around for real estate agents, instead usually picking from the first one or two that they encounter when preparing to make a major real estate related transaction.

Why do homeowners seem to love real estate agents so much? Perhaps because the process of buying or selling a home is incredibly stressful; for the vast majority of everyday people, buying a house is the largest economic transaction they’ll make in their entire lives. It’s thus a time filled with economic anxiety and financial peril, even when things are going well and wise investments are being made. That’s why survival guides promising to deal with the stress of selling or buying a home are so popular these days. 

Those who want to strike up warm relationships with others are thus highly encouraged to consider a career in making real estate investments. All jokes aside, it’s clear that homeowners and real estate professionals undergo the arduous process of buying or selling a home together, and that the partnerships forged between them in the midst of that process are strong. Some analysts have actually argued that real estate agents play the role of therapists on a regular basis precisely because they often have to deal with bickering couples who are uncertain about their shared future. 

It’s thus worthwhile to keep that in mind when assessing your next major real estate decision, as some real estate agents are probably better with their interpersonal skills than others. Many homeowners probably like their real estate agents in part because those agents frequently wine and dine homeowners and engage in other social activities with them in an effort to facilitate the sale or purchase of a new piece of property.

Some homeowners feel so connected to their real estate agents that it’s become customary to give a gift to your real estate professional after closing a major deal. That’s why gift guides for realtors after closing are all the rage these days, as many homeowners want to get their real estate professional something nice but are uncertain of how to go about doing it. We may never know if homeowners are being serious when they say they trust realtors more than their therapists, but it goes without saying that homeowners everywhere obviously forge close and long-lasting bonds with those real estate gurus who help them buy or sell a house.


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