Jason Rager Launches High Dividend Fund as Stock Market Valuations Get Stretched


As the economy continues to enjoy one of the largest bull market runs in history, the stock market valuations continue to get stretched. The interest rates set by the Federal Reserve continue to remain low, reducing the cost of money and pumping valuable investments into the market. This represents a prime opportunity for individuals and investment funds looking to diversify their risk while maintaining annual returns of 12-15%. Rager Capital Partners, led by Jason Rager, understands that market valuations are stretched by historical standards and lower returns should be expected over the next five years. As a result, Rager Capital Partners has launched a high dividend fund that is expected to deliver superior returns while reducing overall portfolio volatility.

A dividend fund can serve as a valuable source of income for individuals and investment firms. The dividend fund that Jason Rager has set up is a vote of confidence in  Rager Capital Partners and its partnerships. For those who might not know, a dividend fund pays out a set amount periodically, typically every quarter. This serves as a source of income for those who have invested their valuable capital in the fund. Jason rager has also targeted monthly dividend ETFs and ETNs that exhibit low volatility and extremely consistent dividend payouts. By setting up a dividend fund, Rager Capital Partners is demonstrating its stock market experience and understanding that with higher valuations, increased market volatility is just around the corner. “It’s impossible to time the market and the market may continue to melt up, however, stocks are becoming priced for perfection and I expect a premium will be paid for consistent returns in a world of volatility.”

The high  dividend fund with Rager Capital Partners is the culmination of decades of stock market and investment experience. With active management being led by experts with an impressive track record of success, the high dividend fund should serve as not only a source of income but also generate consistent capital gains as well. This two-pronged approach to growth is just another example of Rager Capital Partners delivering on promises that have been made to its strategic partners. As the dividend fund grows, the periodic dividend payout from the fund should grow as well. 

Rager Capital Partners, led by Jason Rager, is based out of Boston, MA. As a private investment firm that allows individuals and fund managers to balance risk and returns in a meticulous manner, Rager Capital Partners has witnessed a period of tremendous growth over the past decade. Individuals and companies can invest directly in web properties, scalable businesses, and investment funds that provide investment solutions based upon risk appetite, time horizon, and expected returns.. With a clear strategy for each business, along with strong management teams, Rager Capital Partners has generated impressive returns for its clients for over 15 years.. With strategic partners and management teams, Rager Capital Partners has grown numerous successful companies. The high dividend fund is just the latest example of Rager Capital Partners growing and expanding for the benefit of its partners and clients. It will be exciting to watch this financial group continue to capitalize on the current market, even if that means reducing risk in a volatile ad overvalued stock market.


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