How to Get New Mail Desktop Notifications for Gmail


Gmail is a free email service which was launched by Google in 2014. After launched, now it is the most demandable email service in the world. Users can receive and send emails up to 50MB in size with attachments. People can use Gmail on their Mobiles, Desktop or on windows easily.

If you are using Gmail frequently then you must know that, it doesn’t notify you when you receive new mail on your PC. Due to absence of notify, it was creating problems for the users because they were missing their important messages or was missing that information which they want to reply on urgent basis.

So you can say that you are expect a very vital mail and you don’t desire to go through the tension of refreshing the Gmail tab on your web browser. You can just allow Gmail desktop notifications. You will receive notifications whenever a new Email receives after this activation.

Desktop notification can helps you to get alerts when you receive any email. It will help you to get your message easily because notifications stay on screen for 13 to 15 seconds before vanishing if you don’t hit on or cancel it manually.  You can buy bulk gmail accounts from us.

Here are main reasons why you should enable Gmail Desktop Notifications.

  • Once you make possible Gmail desktop notification, it will notify you on any message that will receive in your Gmail.
  • It serves as a reminder of new messages that you may need to respond to immediately
  • It eases the stress of always wanting to sign in to your Gmail to check updates.

How to Enable Desktop notification for Gmail

Here is the process which will help you to enable notification for new email.

  • You need to Open Gmail and log in your account
  • After log in, click on Gear icon which is upper right corner of the Gmail and then select Setting from the drop down menu
  • When you enter in General tab, you need to select one option from Desktop notification. In desktop notification, there are three options,
  1. New Mail notifications on: If you choose this option then you will receive notification from Gmail when you receive new message in inbox. You will not get notification if message was filtered to trash or identified as junk.
  2. Important mail notification on: After the selection of this option, Gmail will send you notifications that are identified as important.
  3. Mail notifications off: You will not receive any notification from Gmail if you select this option.
  • Go to the bottom of the window and select Save Changes
  • You must need to enable notification from Chrome in the Windows Action Center if you are using window 10. You can also go directly just type Notifications and action setting in the search bar. Also make sure that notifications for your browsers are set to on.
  • Refresh your browser after this setting, it will take few time for implement. New message alerts will become visible in your computer’s notifications tab. If Gmail notifications are not working then you need to select the padlock to the left of Gmail address bar and select Site settings then make sure notification is set to Allow. You can Buy Gmail Accounts  for you business promotion .


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