Top Stocks in Watch in 2020


Those who are looking to build their assets will want to turn to the stock market. Right now, the economy is enjoying one of the largest  bull markets of the past century and, with the interest rates remaining low, this market is primed to continue. Therefore, there are plenty of great stocks to watch in 2020. Some stocks are a cut above the rest and those who are looking for the best stock to invest in should take note of some of the companies below.

Up first is Disney (DIS). Disney has had a very exciting past few years and only continues to grow. The company that is responsible for major hits such as Toy Story and The Lion King is primed to continue its dominance in the movie industry. Frozen 2 is primed to dominate the box office and, with the release of the new Star Wars movie, there is plenty of revenue coming in. Furthermore, the popular media giant is going to release its remake of Mulan this year, which is going to continue to make waves. Finally, this company also launched its streaming service Disney + and this is going to only expand Disney’s online presence. The stock is going to be hot this year.

Next up is the company Senseonics, with the ticker symbol SENS. This company has made waves as the creators of the first and only long-term implantable continuous glucose monitor (CGM), which has been perfectly designed for those who have diabetes. Right now, the number of people in this country (and around the world) with diabetes is continuing to grow. Therefore, the product line from Senseonics and their CGM, Eversense, is primed to expand. It will be exciting to watch this product, and the parent company, continue to grow this year.

Another company that is going to make waves this year is IQ. This is the streaming giant out of China and has been compared to Netflix in this country. China is still relatively new to the world of online streaming, which means that IQ has plenty of room to grow. A significant part of this country still doesn’t have access to the internet. As internet access continues to grow in China, so will the potential customer base for IQ. With this in mind, expect the revenues for IQ to rise significantly this year. The company should continue to grow.

Finally, the last stock to watch in 2020 is a popular coffee company in China called Luckin Coffee, with the ticker symbol LK. This coffee chain has opened up countless new stores all over the country in the past year and is quickly starting to look like Starbucks. With the pace at which the Chinese economy is growing, LK is sure to grow right along with it. It will be important for everyone to keep their eyes on these stocks for 2020.


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