Colorado PEO, StaffScapes, Shows How to Create Enthusiasm Around Company Events for Employees


Company events organized for employees are an integral component of business culture. While the mission statement and values disclosed in company letterhead are valuable, culture directly shapes the personality of an organization. What better environment to observe the persona and health of an institution than through activities focused on team-building and communication? Too often, employees react to official assembly, especially outside of regular work hours, with dismay. But that doesn’t have to be the case. StaffScapes, a renowned PEO in Denver, advises businesses to invest adequate time and resources to curate company events that employees will respond to with genuine enthusiasm. If executed properly, morale, as well as employee satisfaction and retention, will receive a boost.

How exactly is this achieved without wasting valuable bankroll and pulling teeth? In this article, StaffScapes provides an overview of how to inspire passionate participation in company events organized for employees.


Employees already dedicate one-third of their day to the workplace, and the mere thought of extending the workday, even for company events, could feel excruciating. While slating an activity unrelated to the task at hand during normal business hours may be unthinkable to some organizations, infringing on one or two hours won’t have a significant impact on productivity. To compromise, StaffScapes suggests commencing events slightly before the end of the day. This strategic timetable will encourage employee attendance since they neither have to return to work directly afterward nor offer up their entire evening.


Demanding mandatory attendance for company events sounds good on paper, but it’s not worth the negative atmosphere it provokes amongst staff members. Instead of resorting to direct orders to ensure participation, enable your workforce by offering a choice. Freedom is a powerful motivator and also projects a level of respect between employer and employee.


The type of event is crucial to engagement as well as the attitude employees adopt towards it. If a company selects an activity that is utterly out of touch with the values and interests of their employees, it is doomed from the start. Rather than falling back on the tedious and repetitive, companies should amply research relevant and trending options available in their area. Modern options to enliven the mood include cooking classes, escape rooms, or outdoor activities with varying levels of physical participation.


Extra pay is probably out of the budget’s scope, but a skill-based reward system is an excellent alternative. If the event embodies the spirit of growth and enriches employees’ lives with the opportunity to learn a new skill in a creative and fun setting, interest and attendance will almost certainly skyrocket. Furthermore, empowering employees in the pursuit of knowledge sends a positive message: we value you, and we are committed to creating a bright future with your help.

Company events for employees no longer need to be the dread of everyone involved. With the proper mindset, research, time, and resources, employers can organize a terrific event that is not only met with enthusiasm but also serves the organization’s long-term outlook and success.

About StaffScapes:

Nothing in your business is as important as your people, but building and leading a team brings challenges. StaffScapes can help you meet the challenges in HR by helping you provide excellent (and affordable) benefits, manage risk, and by handling workers comp and complete payroll processing. That lets you increase profitability, maximize productivity, reduce time spent on transactional HR activities, reduce employment-related liability, and ultimately lower labor costs, while boosting morale at work, and improving employee satisfaction and retention.


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