AdMaven Launches Native Floater Ads


January 23rd 2020 Tel Aviv, Israel – AdMaven, an industry-leading digital display advertising network with over 10 years of experience has launched a brand-new product: Native Floater Ads (also known as in-page push). These ads are designed for maximum user engagement, with a ‘native-like’ experience for customers. As part of the overall user experience, the ads are easily implemented and flexible. Native Floater Ads are designed to increase ROI for advertisers, and boost eCPM for publishers. The ads are multi-browser, multi-device, and multi-platform functional for maximum effectiveness. 

Advertisers can benefit from the Native Floater Ads with improved ROI via early adoption of this brand-new format from AdMaven, which is as easy to design as a push notification. Other benefits include creative freedom to craft engaging content for customers, plus sophisticated targeting capabilities to reach people based on vertical, browser, device, and more. This lends to a significant uplift in CTR, and enhanced after-click performance. Traffic quality is screened as part of an anti-fraud process, to guarantee only legitimate clicks from authentic users. 

Publishers can easily implement Native Ads into their sites, with maximum flexibility and control over content. With AdMaven’s proprietary optimization technology in effect, Native Floater Ads ensure the highest eCPM too. With global coverage available, these Native Floater Ads can also be stacked, with the option to limit the frequency of the ads at will. AdMaven’s Native Floater Ads are fully compliant with the Coalition for Better Ads. 

Matan Smadja, Head of Advertising at AdMaven is excited about the launch of the company’s Native Floater Ads, ‘We have worked hard to create a product that advertisers and publishers can greatly benefit from. Native Floater Ads are the most successful integration to implement on site, and with easy integration, flexibility, high performance, and plenty of traffic, maximum ROI is assured. It’s a win-win for everyone.’ 

About AdMaven:

With over 10 years of experience we see ourselves here at AdMaven as avant-garde, innovative, digital display advertising network. On the one hand, we strive to improve CTR and conversion rates for our advertisers. On the other hand, we work hard on maximizing the yields for our publishers. We are able to do so by combining great expertise and experience together with high motivation and aspiration for constant improvement. At AdMaven, we place our partnerships and relationships at the top of our pyramid and that constitutes as the foundation of our work. Learn more about AdMaven on 


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