Should Digital Marketers Also Know Coding?


In recent times, the digital marketing industry has been experiencing a major boom. Talking about the patterns so far, the rise in the number of SEO Agency has confirmed its bright future in the years to come.

However, while hiring a Web Design Agency, an aspect that many people ponder about is coding. Codes are what lies behind all the marketing campaigns. From mails to applications, everything is backed by a programming language.

Hence many people feel that knowing coding is a must for digital marketers to succeed. But is that true?

Let us find out here.

Well, if you have just started your career as a Digital Marketer, then it is important to understand that it is NOT mandatory for you to have coding experience. While recruiting digital marketers, companies do not consider coding as a fundamental job requirement that you make or break the job deal. This is not a very fundamental or exclusive domain for the job. Though it can work as a value-added skill, it is not something that all digital marketers must possess. Thus the short and simple answer to, whether you should actually know to code as a digital marketer, is No.

However, learning certain programming languages like CSS, SQL and JavaScript would prove to be beneficial and help them comprehend different challenges with much more ease. These languages help to explore the marketing world more effectively and efficiently. All the online work, everything that is uploaded or used in the virtual world needs coding and thus knowing them would always prove to be beneficial.

What do experts say?

There are two groups of marketers who have different opinions about coding. For some marketers, coding knowledge is not all necessary. This is because knowing all would make them confused and thus they think it is better that developers deal with codes only.

However, the other group explains that the knowledge of coding can give marketers more control over their skills and hence they would not have to remain dependent on the developers. This is because:

  • Marketers would not go blank and would be able to understand the backend or the coding side of the website.
  • They would be able to change the home page, include analytics tracking codes and would also be able to develop smaller sites on their own without depending on the developers.
  • In the case of a website redesign and technological upgrade, marketers can work closely with the development team to better understand the changes and their effects.
  • Marketers would be able to handle the whole customer database and separate the same to understand the preferences of the customers.
  • From the company’s point of view, marketers with coding knowledge would be able to save time and money. In case of minor website changes, developers would not need to be contacted.

When marketers understand the structure of code, they would be able to communicate quite effectively with the development team. They would also be able to tweak greeting pages to ensure sales growth without depending on anyone else.


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