Have you ever imagined how bad a car accident can impact your finances?


At its best, a car accident is an inconvenience because it can make you late at the office or replace a car part. But at its worst, it can result in injury or death. But accidents happen even to the most careful drivers and you must ensure you don’t stay stunned with shock if you experience one because it can cost you your health and finances. Why? Because if you stay calm, you can take pictures of the accident and use them as evidence to prove the accident isn’t your fault. Even if the post-accident process should be straightforward, it’s not always easy to maintain your calm. But keeping a cool head helps you document the accident accurately to help your attorney file a case.

You can consider a blessing that you walked away live from an accident, but  the financial damages it caused can impact your life even for decades. Why?

You can lose your wage

If you suffer serious injuries during the accident, they may require hospitalisation and rest-at-home, so you must take some time off work. Sadly, when the employer doesn’t pay time off for health problems or personal issues, you can lose your wage. It’s one of the highest costs of an auto accident. Sometimes, you can lose your job because you spend too much time away from work. It all depends on the employer.

Even if you don’t need hospitalisation because you experience mild injuries, you might miss work because you need to see a doctor to check your state on the day of the accident, appear in future court hearings, meet with your  accident attorney West Palm Beach, and go to follow-up medical appointments.

Sometimes, the insurance company doesn’t pay for car-accident-related injuries and this can be financially detrimental to you because you need to cover everything from your paycheck. Losing your wage or spending your income to repair the car and cover medical bills can impact your budget because you may not be able to pay day-to-day items and household bills.

Your insurance policy’s price will explode

The immediate result of a car accident is an increased premium. Even if you are partially to blame for the wreck, the insurance provider can increase the price of the policy. And what now looks like a little increase in the monthly bill, over the year  it can add up significantly over on top of other expenses.

Studies show that even a single claim on car insurance can lead to a 40% increase in the policy’s price. Owning a car can be stressful after an accident because alongside the repair costs because, for some vehicles, insurance is quite expensive. However, if you aren’t at fault for the accident, the insurance provider may maintain the same rates.

You need to repair your car

Car crashes are complicated situations because the police have to determine who is at fault if both drivers have insurance, what insurance they have and other similar factors. Identifying the one who has to pay for car repairs is a complex process because various factors influence it. Ideally, one of the insurers pays for fixing the vehicle, but if both parts lack comprehensive collision coverage, the drivers pay for the repairs.

Most of the accidents cause car damages and you need to pay for the repairs, the insurance doesn’t cover. And in the worst scenario when the car is totalled, you need to buy a new one. When low on budget, adding a monthly car payment can  disrupt your finances. Sometimes, even if the coverage pays for all repairs, it takes time for the provider to send the money into your account, so you need to fix it on your own if you want to use it.

And if the car needs extensive repairs, it may spend a lot of time at the mechanic, so you must rent a car to get to work, to doctor’s visits, and run other errands. The average car rental costs $30 a day, so if you need it for more than a week, you may not afford to pay for that extra expense.

You need to hire an attorney

If the other driver’s negligence caused the accident, you need to hire an attorney to help you build a case. They can guide you to seek compensation for your suffering. They have experience in assisting car accident victims, so based on the pictures you took with the scene they can help you recover your expenses completely or partially. You need to pay for the attorney, but it’s worth because they can help you win the case, and some of them don’t ask you to pay any fee if they don’t win it. They have the needed resources to investigate the claim and negotiate with the insurance provider because they handle car accident claims daily.

Call the attorney immediately after the accident, and especially if you suffered injuries because it boosts your chances to win the claim. They develop a strategy based on evidence and support you during the process. Hire them for a free case evaluation to find out what options are available.

You need medical care

If you suffer injuries during the accident immediately call the emergency service a doctor to come and evaluate your state. However, the bad news is that emergency medical care costs a lot, and if you spend many days in the hospital the fees can add up fast. You need to pay for the ambulance ride, emergency room visit, admittance into the hospital, medical procedures, an overnight stay, prescriptions, and follow-up appointments. And the above costs are only for a regular injury because if you have serious health issues then the costs increase.

Even if the auto accident caused no injury, but it left you or one of your passengers with an achy body or a whiplash, you need to pay for chiropractic treatment, massage, and physical therapy. All these treatments are out of your pocket expenses because health insurance doesn’t cover them.

Being  prepared for the worst situation is always a smart thing to do. Save for emergency cases like this, to boost your chances to maintain financial stability.


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