Trends for a Beautiful Garden in 2020


Those who have a green thumb are looking forward to building a beautiful garden. As the calendar turns on a new decade, there are going to be a few trends for  gardening plants. It is important for those who love gardening to keep their eyes open for these innovative styles.

First, the gardens are going to be all about sustainability. There has been increased attention paid to the impacts of climate change on plants and wildlife. Therefore, many gardens are going to be designed around being eco-friendly. For example, rain collection systems and composting installations are going to be critical for gardens during 2020. Furthermore, many gardeners are going to think about growing fruits and flowers that will attract birds, bees, and other pollinators. There might even be a few water fixtures for animals to bathe and drink!

Next, there is going to be an increased focus on the idea of something called a wild garden. The idea behind this process is to leave a small area of the lawn unmowed. This means that grass and flowers are going to grow and expand as they please. Some people who love wild gardening might even seed their wild patches with a few native species. These gardens are designed to not only support the plants that are native to the area but also to provide a natural habitat for pollinators and insects to grow and develop.

In addition, this new decade is going to incorporate novel technological devices into the world of gardening. For example, there are software and applications available that can be used to plan out the garden to a T. This means using technology to track fertilizer schedules and watering times. Those who love gardening can also use technology to monitor the nutrition of their soil as well as its moisture content. There have even been automated lawnmowers designed to help people mow their yard! This idea of a “Roomba for the Garden” that runs on solar technology will even bring sustainability to the forefront once again. Technology is going to change how people run their gardens.

Finally, the field of indoor gardening is growing quickly. First, many people are trying to bring nature to the inside of homes and offices. This means moving gardening indoors as well. As more people are flocking to the city, they are craving the greenery of the outdoors. Houseplants are becoming popular as home décor, along with something called hydroponics. This is a field that tries to grow plants in sand, gravel, and liquid. This is only going to become more common during this new decade. There are already hydroponic kits available for those who want to explore this field.


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