The Top 3 Tech Stocks to Watch in 2020

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From Google to Apple, every big-name tech company is putting forth resources to make its next breakthrough. We hear about a lot of products on the news, such as self-driving cars and robot nannies, but where exactly should we be putting our money? 

The news isn’t the only source of new investment trends in technology. For investors crossing off their investment resolutions, now is the best time. Here are the leading tech stocks that are expected to provide high returns for 2020 and beyond.

B2B Tech Startups

Marketing departments are investing more in technology, and it’s expected to skyrocket. One trend that shouldn’t be overlooked is B2B payment and lending companies, which are replacing traditional processes in banking. Some well-funded startups like Kabbage, AvidXchange, and Symphony are dominating the fintech area. 

The rate of change and revenue in B2B marketing and marketing technology shows no signs of slowing down, and 2020 promises to be no different. Many aspects of the business-to-business market are being traded out for cloud computing software and other forms of AI. 

Additionally, when we see the role IT plays in Demand Generation, more businesses will become more reliant on sales and marketing technology. Soon we won’t be able to imagine running a business without connecting functional processes from start to finish. Tech will draw in revenue the way humans can’t – by identifying the formula that turns an individual from a viewer to a buyer.

Robot-Assisted Surgical Systems

Healthcare stocks and pharmaceuticals have always performed well in the economic cycle, but tech is giving it a whole new paradigm shift. Medical technology companies are being funded for AI-powered software platforms to improve surgeons’ accuracy and efficiency via robot-assisted procedures. 

For instance, Intuitive Surgical has more than 5,400 installed Da Vinci surgical systems in hospitals and surgical centers around the world. The great thing about their business model is that its margins get better over time. It’s costly at first, but you can expect higher-margin instrument sales for each procedure and services to grow the percentage of total revenue.

Leading Companies in AI

In a market that is worth billions, many companies are dominating the artificial intelligence (AI) space. You’re already familiar with tech giants Google (GOOGL) and Microsoft (MSFT), but there’s a current winner on the field: Baidu (BIDU). 

Last December, Baidu’s AI machine, Ernie, broke records during the General Language Understanding Evaluation (GLUE) test. It determines how well an AI machine can understand human language. Despite Baidu’s victory over the other tech giants, it still doesn’t make it the best investment out there. Do you know what does? The source of A.I. software

While the AI gold rush accelerates, businesses will encounter challenges along the way. Among these concerns are the misuse of AI (e.g., deepfakes), facial recognition mistakes, data security, and unintentional bias.

Start Your Year Off Right

January is moving fast, and so is the upcoming tech developments and the stocks attached to them. While we say the best time is now, the smartest investments we make are the ones that can also benefit our future on a global scale.


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