How to Create an App Like Slack


There have been numerous startups in the tech industry that have never quite gotten off the ground. The same fate appeared to be waiting for Slack as well; however, it quickly grew into one of the most successful companies in the tech industry. It has a market cap of more than $1.2 billion along with 8 million active users. It also has 3 million premium users. With this in mind, many are wondering if they can  create an app like Slack. In order to meet this goal, there are a few tips that people need to keep in mind.

Why People Like Slack

Of course, the first tip that people need to remember is that people need to like the app. Therefore, businesses need to build the app around what the customer wants. Slack is a communication tool that facilitates communication throughout the workplace. Companies like this app because it makes communication easier. It does this with a handful of features. These include:

Direct Messages: Direct messages and group messages are both key for facilitating conversations. In Slack, there are two separate categories. The first is a one-on-one direct message. The other category is the group message where there are large group conversations taking place. This is straightforward, quick, and easy to understand. This makes it perfect for the workplace.

Channels: There are also channels that people can create through Slack. These might be based around teams, channels, or locations. These channels allow two organizations to speak one on one, either publicly or privately, without having to leave the app. Again, this is easy to understand and useful for the workplace.

Notifications: Notifications are an important part of the workplace to ensure users don’t miss anything important. Slack allows users to customize their notifications to meet their needs. This customizability is an important feature.

Integrate: Finally,  Slack also allows users to integrate outside tools with the app easily. This is another way for users to customize their experiences to meet their needs, making the app even easier to understand while increasing its usefulness.

Monetizing the App

Clearly, ease of use and customizability are important features. In order for an app to be successful, there needs to be a way to monetize it. Slack has been broken up into three separate tiers. There is a free tier a standard tier, and a plus tier. With each layer comes added features. The goal is to get people to use the app. Once they try the app, if they like it, they want to learn more. This is where a transaction is made in exchange for added features. Slack has done this beautifully. First, users sign up to try the free version. Then, they fall in love with the app and purchase all of its features. This is how to create an app like Slack. In order to create a successful app, it is critical to have a strong IT team that can provide support. That is where VironIT is essential. Trust the professionals to create a framework, estimate costs, and provide the support needed to get the app off the ground!


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