Health Benefits of Saunas


Most people enjoy sitting in a sauna, but the benefits are often underestimated. Sauna use can do more than create an enjoyable, relaxed feeling.  Regular sauna use can provide a multitude of health benefits.

Spa Startup, an outlet for  in-home saunas, touches on how saunas strengthen the immune system and can help with weight loss, but this is just the beginning. It also says that spending time in a sauna improves sleep, helps clear the skin, relieve sore muscles, and bring about an increase in overall detoxification.

These claims may seem like pure marketing, but some of them are actually backed up by Harvard Health Publishing. It notes that even a brief stay in the sauna causes the loss of at least a pint of sweat. This is where the general detoxification effect comes from. Saunas also cause the body to redirect circulation to the surface of the skin while causing the pulse rate to jump by over 30 percent. The amount of blood the heart pumps per minute almost doubles during this period, delivering increased circulation.

Most of these effects are temporary, and the majority of people have no problems from the momentary increase in cardiac work load. Those who can perform moderate exercise, such as walking for 30 minutes, are good candidates for saunas, says Harvard Health.

Medical News Today reports that a Finnish study found that those who take regular saunas have a lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease, including from coronary artery disease and sudden cardiac death. This benefit increased along with sauna usage, with those who sauna two or three times per week having a 22 percent lower risk than those who do so only once a week. People who sauna four to seven times per week had a 63 percent lower risk of sudden cardiac death and a 50 percent lower chance of dying from any type of cardiovascular disease.

Another  Finnish study found that those who sauna have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, with a similar reduction profile for cardiovascular disease. Two or three saunas per week reduced risk by 22 percent. Meanwhile, a daily sauna reduced Alzheimer’s risk by 66 percent vs. no saunas and 65 percent vs. one sauna per week.

Finland is often used as a staging ground for studies about the medical effects of sauna usage because most people in the country are avid sauna fans. However, studies have also been conducted in Canada and other countries.

The Medical News Today report goes on to say that saunas can help with certain skin problems. It notes that those with psoriasis, in particular, often see benefits. However, some skin conditions are averse to the dryness of a sauna.

Those with asthma often see benefits as well. For them, a sauna can help open airways, reduce stress, and loosen phlegm.

Once a sauna session is complete, participants should be sure to drink at least a couple of glasses of cool water. This will replace the fluids lost to sweat and help the body return to equilibrium.

At Spa Startup, there is no doubt that they believe that saunas are good for you. Their sauna options make it very easy to enjoy this relaxing experience at home without sacrificing the look and feel of the commercial varieties. Options range from saunas that seat just one person to units that can accommodate five or more. Each one is made of high quality solid wood, and includes modernized amenities like smart phone docks and LED light therapy.

Spa Startup carries the Clearlight Infrared line of saunas  that has changed one fundamental aspect of a sauna, and that’s the method of heating. Instead of being limited to traditional methods, you can choose “far infrared” options that heat the body directly – as opposed to heating all of the air volume. This, Spa Startup says, brings about faster sweating and makes it more intense. The heat comes from special lamps that use safe levels of electromagnetic radiation.

Both indoor and outdoor versions are available from Spa Startup. Outdoor versions are great solutions when you want a large unit, but don’t want to sacrifice interior space. One and two-person units, on the other hand, can easily fit into most homes as well as outdoors.

Thanks to all of these options, there is no need to go to a gym, spa, or other facility. You can enjoy a sauna whenever you want, and do so in the comfort of your own home.



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