Today’s Growing Industries: A Brief Guide

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As we enter the new decade, many studies exist with predictions about the growth of industries. If you happen to be seeking a new career or a market to invest in, you may want to consider these.

 In general, the computer industry still holds the leading position, and predictions show that it will remain active over the years to come. However, other sectors are catching up, especially those related to two fields – construction and healthcare.

 Let’s take a look at some of them, which recently rose to prominence.

Computer Systems Design

Nowadays, this industry is still the fastest growing in the US. As individuals and businesses use computers extensively today, it’s a no-brainer why this boom is taking place. Over the next few years, an even more significant rise in employment within the field is expected.

Building and Construction

Several subfields of this area saw a rapid growth in demand. The industry of building services, including maintenance, landscaping, and outdoor construction boomed. 

Moreover, contractors working on finishing buildings and generally constructing residential buildings are seeing more work than ever in this century.

 The popularity of indoor and outdoor design and the entrance of millennials in the real-estate market amount to the development. 

Personal Care Services

The occupations under this umbrella include childcare, personal trainers, hairstylists, manicurists, and similar professions. Moreover, there’s been a growth in more specialized services of the kind, including astrology, genealogical investigation, and more.

 The main reason for this growth lies in the rise of self-employment. It rose by more than 20% during the past ten years.

Specialty Therapists

As more and more of the younger generations enter the workforce, the need for health care services sees a substantial increase in demand. Thus, the number of workers in specialized therapies rose by over 50% in the past decade. 

 The areas becoming more popular include hypno and homeotherapy, acupuncture, and naturopathy.

 This increase exists partly due to the demand for alternative medicine. SabaiDee believes business can be a vessel for doing good in the world, and a lot of specialty therapists think on the same wavelength.

Translation & Interpretation Services

Through the previous century and this one, these services saw a doubled employment growth.

 One of the main factors that led to this increase in demand is the increasing amount of content online, requiring translations for a global audience. Netflix and other magnates started recruiting translators for their international services.

 The BLS forecasts that this demand will keep growing in the years to come. It’s expected to shift even more quickly than at the typical rate. The growing diversity of the population in the US, as well as foreign trade, will see to it.

The Bottom Line

Of course, our brief guide is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the topic. If you’re considering entering a new industry, be sure to research it further before you make a decision.


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