Converus Eye Detect partner Released from Prison.


Dear Mr. Mark Cuban,

Jeff Pizzino at Converus, was informed of the following info 6 months ago.

If you Google, the words “polygraph operator arrested” you will find related news articles on a man named William McCallister.

McCallister is a former Polk County Sheriff Deputy that was fired for sexual harassment.

He has been arrested for drugging a woman, when he was a Polygraph Examiner.

After being released from prison, he is now back in the Lie Detection business.

He runs and operates floridatruthverification dot com  based out of Lake Wales, Florida, between Tampa and Orlando.

“Beware of Converus Eye Detect partner arrested for drugging a woman.”

The company, Converus, that is working with him now, should be embarrassed and

stop supplying him with their Eye Detect tests, that allow him to prey on the public,

in the same way he did when he was a Polygraph Examiner.

They have a convicted felon, William McCallister, selling Eye Detect tests out of his Mercedes Sprinter van, in Florida.

Google “polygraph operator arrested” for related articles on the man operating

Converus claims that they are selling Eye Detect licenses to Helga LaPollo, William McCallister’s wife, therefore they are not doing anything wrong.

This couple has been together for over 30 years. They were together when McCallister operated Executive Transportation Inc., where they were in the business of picking up intoxicated tourists from bars in the Orlando Disney area, before he was charged with kidnapping and credit card fraud.

They were together when McCallister was a Polygraph Examiner and was arrested for drugging a woman in his Winter Haven office, doing business as Florida Polygraph Associates Inc.

The picture of Helga LaPollo on the Converus partner website, floridatruthverification dot com , is more than 20 years old.

He is violating his parole probation, by being active in the Lie Detection business, so he answers the phone “George”.

And he is quick to tell callers that only Helga does the Eye Tests (without the caller asking who does the Eye Detect tests.).

He posts testing locations all over Florida on Google Maps, under the key terms, Polygraph and lie detection.

Florida Polygraph Associates (old company name) and Florida Truth Verification, a Converus partner.

He has Google addresses from Miami to Lakeland.

William McCallister, who has been charged with kidnapping, credit card fraud, and drugging a woman during a lie detector test, now travels the entire state of Florida, selling Converus Eye Detect Detection tests from a silver Mercedes Sprinter Van. He avoids security cameras in parking lots, traditional office buildings, hotel conference rooms, and front desk lobbies, by staying inside the van.

Jeff Pizzino, at Converus, has taken the position that his client is Helga, not William McCallister, and it does not matter that they are married and travel together throughout the entire state of Florida, selling Eye Detect tests.

William McCallister is more of a predator today, as a Converus partner, than he was before he went to prison for drugging a woman during a Polygraph Test, in his Winter Haven office, after he instructed her husband to leave the building.

Keep in mind folks, many clients of Polygraph, Lie Detector test services, are vulnerable females that are desperate to prove to a boyfriend or husband that have not cheated, and been faithful to them.

Shame on the Polk County Sheriff’s office for not arresting William McCallister for violating the terms of his probation, and shame on Jeff Pizzino at Converus.

We all know it is not Helga Lapolla driving that Silver Mercedes Sprinter van from Miami to Charlotte, North Carolina, looking for desperate females to invite into the van.

If a Child Molester owned an Ice Cream shop and was found to be guilty of having sexual activity with children, you would not expect that he be allowed to operate an Ice Cream truck, under his wife’s name, after being released from prison.

Why does the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and Converus Eye Detect not understand this?


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