6 Tips to Find the Right Real Estate Agent


Buying or selling a home is exciting.

It’s often a time of reminiscing over fond memories in your “old place.” It’s the thrill of a fresh start somewhere new.

But, all these good vibes can fade just as quickly. Because, buying or selling is also equally stressful. It’s one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. Without the right help, it can become overwhelming.

Finding a capable, reliable real estate agent can alleviate a lot of this pressure. But, even this can be difficult. Between online ads, fliers, postcards and yard signs, there is no shortage of agents scrapping for your business

Follow these tips in order to  compare agents and find the best real estate agent for you.

Talk to a lender first.

A common mistake for many home shoppers is to jump right into their search before speaking with a lender. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage and determining how much you can afford will help in your selection of an agent. Not only will this help you stick to homes within your price range, but it will also show potential realtors that you’re serious.

Think about what is important.

Be honest and transparent. Before even meeting with an agent, you should make a list of things that are important to you and what you’re looking for. What is your timeline? Do you have to stay to a strict budget? Answering questions like these will help you narrow your focus and communicate your wishes clearly to an agent.

Seek referrals.

Start with your inner circle.

At the end of the day, choosing the right realtor is an intuitive choice. It’s about human connection. That’s why Zillow reports that more than one in five sellers find their agent based on referral. Talk to friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and other homeowners you trust and find out their experiences. Focus on those referrals who have a strong history of working with clients who have similar goals as yours.


Just because an agent is highly recommended from a “friend of a friend,” doesn’t mean they are right for you. Every potential agent has a digital footprint. Google them. Find their website. Scour their social media accounts. You’re looking for anything that makes you feel like that person is right for you. Search for any red flags also. But, don’t get bogged down with one or two negative reviews.

Interview multiple options.

It’s hard to find the perfect hire if you have nothing to compare them to.

This is your chance to get a feel for an agent’s style and experience. If they appear polished and bring a strong proposal to the table, it likely signals they take your business seriously.

Interviewing candidates also gives you a chance to discuss strategy and discuss preferred communication. Get all of these details ironed out upfront to avoid conflict down the road.

Outsource the entire process.

Following these steps is basically a part-time job. You simply need more help.

To properly find an ideal agent, it takes time and effort you simply don’t have. Luckily, there are websites that do this work for you. These online marketplaces match buyers and sellers with top, local agents. You will receive personalized quotes and services tailored to your needs. All without ever leaving your computer.


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