DREMPLOYEE.COM Launched new tools to help Employees and Employers


No doubt, Technology has changed the world of business in a revolutionary way. It is now difficult to imagine working without technology especially digital tools that assist the employees and employers to accomplish their goals with speed, accuracy and cost-efficient way.

It is all due to technology that majority of businesses have grown globally, as both employers and employees can handle complicated and complex tasks easily, with less involvement of manpower, consequently, increasing the productivity, quality, and speed, which eventually decreases the cost, and chances of human errors, thus making the business more profitable than ever.

One of the widespread modes of technology used in businesses in current times is computers and the internet. They both combined have revolutionized the method of working. People are using computers and the internet for connectivity, exploring new markets and accessing office management’s tools to help them do their jobs in a lot better and efficient way.

One of the important office management tools widely used is payroll programs. These programs help the employer to calculate paychecks of the employees and even helps the employees to track their work hours and estimated incomes, which formerly was quite a tricky, hectic and risky-of-errors Job. These software or programs are specially designed by experts for large businesses like food chains, banking networks, and other businesses and charge them a hefty amount, which the large businesses can easily afford. However, small businesses are left with no choice than doing all the work manually, as their limits budget can’t afford the extra burden of developing dedicated payroll software and other office management tools.

This is where  Dremployee.com kicked in as a savior of the small businesses. The highly skilled and dedicated developers of Dremployee.com have teamed up and launched some of the vitally used payroll related tools to help employees and employers, without charging a single penny to them.

The tools like  Time Card Calculators and  USA Paycheck Calculators are some of their main products along with many other assistive tools. Users can easily access and use these tools from their comfort zones from any device including mobile and desktop. All they need is the internet, a browser and a basic knowledge to operate.

Time Card Calculator provides an easy solution to both the employees and employers to keep track of the hours worked along with lunch breaks, rest breaks, and overtime. This tool provides an easy to use user interface, that requires minimal and basic input of time-in and time-out and provides instant and accurate results like total hours worked in a day, a week, and other pay-frequencies. Moreover, it also calculated the overtime and gross wage of an employee.

Paycheck Calculator can be used separately or even as an advanced version of the Time Card Calculator. This tool uses the Hours worked calculated in Time Card Calculator along with other inputs to deduce the Paycheck of the employee, depending on several factors like pay type, hours worked, Payroll taxes, etc. So no matter what’s your payroll problem is, Dremployee will always have a solution for you.


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