Four Ways to Promote Your Gym


With the ever-growing trend of fitness and healthy lifestyles, gyms are a successful business to run. However, this also means that many new venues are opening up, and competition is growing.

You must go an extra mile marketing-wise to get people to join yours. Luckily, many smart strategies can help draw people to your business. Here are four that work.

Start a Slim-Down Campaign

This campaign is an old strategy that never stops being useful. It starts on the 1st of January when the motivation for exercise reaches its peak, and ends at the beginning of summer.

Have your coach design fast programs for fat loss and toning.  People will be drawn towards such an opportunity, and your gym will see many new members. Besides, offer a special price and a chance to sign up for a full-time membership once it’s over.

Organize a Free Training Day

Many people want to join a gym, but fear of committing to anything right away. To fight that, you could create a page for non-members to sign in for a free training day at your gym. Do this once a month, so people pick up on it.

Choose the best trainers and group classes for these visitors. You need to amaze them and make them feel like they fit in.

Offer Meal Plans

While the gym is a place to pursue exercise, training is not the most challenging part of a fit lifestyle. Most members struggle with nutrition much more than with working out. As an organization, show that you understand that and provide a solution.

Create a blog page on your website where you explain and provide meal plans that go with specific types of training. People will enjoy the content they find useful. Plus, if you create downloadable plans, you will get information to lengthen your e-mail list later.

Turn to PR Companies

There are certain areas too filled with gyms to differentiate yourself, even if you’re doing everything you can. In this case, you could benefit from professional help.

Take a look at, for example. They believe in a healthy lifestyle and the importance of such institutions to people. For that reason, they stand behind specific places that promote the same idea.

With their help, you’re giving people more reasons to go to your gym instead of another one. Sometimes, that’s the only part lacking from the equation.

The Bottom Line

Fitness marketing is complicated. You can’t make unrealistic promises and expect positive results. After all, fitness is not a product but a lifestyle. Show that you’re there to offer help and value, and you’ll see members seeping in.


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