Things to Consider When Shopping for Women’s Wholesale Clothing Online


The internet is filled with opportunities to shop for women’s clothing. In every size, style, color, and brand, good women’s clothing is in high demand.

What makes it good? Every woman possesses her own ideas on the subject, and there is no wrong answer. If you have clothes that fit well and make you feel good, the details beyond that have endless possibilities.

Wholesale clothing has gained in popularity for many reasons. Besides coming with a lower price tag, women’s wholesale clothing is conveniently available online. No more searching through every store, trying to find something you like.

There are a few things that you should know, however, when you are shopping for wholesale clothing for women online. Before you click the “buy” button, take the time to make sure you understand a few things about your clothing.

Sizing: Domestic or Overseas?

In today’s market, shoppers have to take into consideration that not everything they buy is made in the United States. Therefore, not all wholesale clothing online uses U.S. sizing guidelines.

Many of the wholesale clothing choices for women that are available come from Asia. If you are purchasing something made in China, for instance, you need to know that Asian sizing charts are much smaller than American standards.

Asian clothing is designed for the Asian body. Americans will need to order about two sizes larger, to get clothing that fits.

Fabric & Care Instructions

Before you buy anything online, read the details about the item. Wholesale clothing for women comes in a wonderful array of fabrics, and each one has its own care instructions.

One reason it is important to know what your clothing is made of is to check for shrinkage or fading issues. Some women’s clothing will need to be purchased in a larger size, to accommodate the change in the fabric after washing.

There are some fabrics that require special attention, such as dry cleaning. While this is not a huge expense, it is a regular expense that is necessary for the care of the garment. You should at least know ahead of time that this will be needed.

Color & Style Choice

One of the biggest mistakes that women make when they are shopping for wholesale clothing is to grab whatever is available, just because it is cheap. Sure, the price is important but face the facts – that item is going to hang at the back of your closet forever.

Here’s the truth: if the clothing is not a color that you look good in, pass on the purchase. Keep looking. You are bound to find something flattering and inexpensive.

And, while you’re at it, pass on the outdated styles and patterns on some clothing choices. If you don’t feel good in it, you will not want to wear it. It’s that simple.


Okay, be honest. This is the reason you are searching for wholesale clothing in the first place. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Saving money is important to everyone, whether you are rich or poor. But don’t settle for poor quality just because it’s a great price.

Many online women’s online wholesale clothing choices are made of quality material and have excellent work. It is possible to get boutique clothing for a fraction of the retail cost.

Shipping: The Bottom Line

You need to understand the shipping agreement for your online wholesale clothing purchases. The first consideration how much it will cost, but you should also make sure that you understand the time it will take for delivery. Sometimes you may have to wait a little longer, so make sure you are aware of the company’s delivery time estimates.

Having a little background on the clothing you want to purchase can make sure you get a good product with a good price tag. Now that you know what to look for, you can really enjoy your online wholesale clothing shopping experience!


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