The Hottest Trends For Men’s Boxer Briefs


Remember when boxer briefs burst onto the scene in the 90’s, and were met with not only resistance, but also low, quiet whispers in many a locker room? Well fast forward to 2019 and this style of underwear is here to stay. With the rise of athleisure the boxer brief has become a staple in many a male dresser drawer.

For the longest time (since 1925 in fact), there were two choices for men: boxers or briefs. Both had issues, but those were the options. Until, seemingly, boxer briefs for men appeared out of nowhere. And now, as we head into a new decade, there are so many different types it’s hard to know which one to choose. Do you go for comfort, durability, or texture? Are they being worn with a suit or at the gym? Will they actually stay dry all day? As the great underwear debate continues to rage and brands continue to evolve their product, it’s helpful to stay informed – so you can make your purchase with ease. Because let’s be honest, not many people like shopping for underwear. So here are some of the hottest trends in men’s boxer briefs.

  1. Comfort.

There’s a lot going on down there and as we strive to find ultimate comfort in our daily wardrobe choices, the underwear category has not been overlooked. Features like flat lock seams, no roll waistbands, and tag-free designs are also popping up to help minimize irritation. The best boxer briefs on the market are constantly experimenting with different types of fabric. The end goal is to make boxer briefs more breathable, helping to provide circulation and air where you need it most. The truth is, there’s almost no such thing as too much ventilation. Brands are improving upon this by incorporating more polyester into the overall fabric percentage. Why? Because polyester is half as thin as cotton, which makes your underwear feel less heavy, not to mention helping to reduce bunching. But the best boxer briefs are experimenting with micromodal (a super soft fiber made from beech trees). This emerging fabric provides the ultimate marriage of comfort and support.

  1. Athletic and Compression Fit.

This is one of the biggest trends right now, as more and more men are choosing to lead active, and healthy lifestyles. Many leading brands are creating boxer briefs that feature a support pouch, and a longer, and slimmer cut. Underwear technology has focused on providing men with what they really need most – dryness and support. Most athletic boxer briefs are made from material other than cotton because cotton retains moisture. With a process called moisture-wicking, the best boxer briefs take moisture from your skin and absorb it into the fabric. From there it then evaporates into the air. So if your workout is cut short by a business call or meeting, or if you have no choice but to be running around all day, an athletic or compression fit boxer brief will ensure that you stay dry.

  1. Neon.

It’s time to embrace bright colors. The athleisure clothing palette has a tendency to lean towards dark and neutral color tones. And while you might start to shift towards a more casual outfit for the workday, in many professions wearing bright colors is still not an option. But your underwear remains hidden from co-workers, so this is a chance to lean into neon. Better yet, it’s almost like secretly carrying your inner personality around with you all day, which you might have to put on mute at the office. The best boxer briefs are no longer white and boring.


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