Big Canvas Wall Art For 4 Business Types


When you own a business you need to put careful thought into how you decorate your public areas. When customers walk into the doors and sit in your waiting room they form an instant first opinion. You want that first opinion to be positive as it will continue to overshadow your customers’ interaction with your staff.

There are many ways to decorate an office, but one great way to fill the empty space is canvas wall art. Empty walls are always overbearing to the eye, especially if the rest of the waiting room is fairly open as well. You can evoke a lot of emotions with the right wall art, so the trick is to choose wall art that evokes the right emotion for your clientele. Here are some great canvas wall art ideas for several different business types.

Doctor’s Office

If you own a doctor’s office or veterinary practice you want to use canvas wall art that inspires confidence and comfort patients. A lot of people are understandable nervous when they walk into a doctor’s office. You don’t want to choose any artwork that is too dramatic because it will have the opposite effect.

Think soothing scenes like rolling landscapes, children’s toys for a pediatrician’s office, or animal pictures for a vet’s office. Abstract pictures that are just splashes of gentle color also work well in waiting rooms. Cheery and upbeat pictures usually work the best in these settings.

Dealership Lounge Areas

Most dealerships have lounge areas where customers can wait while they contemplate a car purchase or have their cars serviced. It goes without saying that you will probably have large wall photos of the latest car models on the walls, but adding some canvas wall art can compliment the room and show that your business is multi-dimensional as well.

Customers waiting in a service area already own their car, and are likely surrounded by vehicles in the showroom. Break up the overwhelming sense of salesmanship (which is the number one reason people hate dealers), and put some vibrant artwork up. Landscape wall art that highlights the open road or pictures of the sunrise are great ways to inspire new beginnings. Choose wall art with bright colors that will engage people who are waiting.

Small Private Office Space

If you are just a small startup or rent a small office space, chances are you don’t have a lot of space to work with. This means that you have to maximize what you do decide to place on the wall. Choose non-cluttered wall art and images that are wide and abstract. They will help open up the space in the room. Images with a lot of details will make the area seem smaller than it is and clutter the space. Since the space is small, choose abstract art with soothing color schemes so they don’t overpower the space.

Business Lobbyways

On the other hand, if your business is large enough that it has a full lobby you will want to choose more engaging artwork. While you should have at least one or two branded images that represent your product or service around, you should also offset the space with gorgeous imagery.

You want your lobby space to be memorable so that people comment on it when talking to others. The more your business is mentioned in conversation, the more it will stick in people’s minds. Choose your big canvas wall art carefully. If your lobby is large, then choose larger statement pieces that immediately catch people’s eyes. Think vibrant rich colors that encourage passersby to look a little closer.


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