6 Tips to Keep Your Engagement Ring Sparkly New!


Some ornaments are not just ornaments they are memories and more than memories. They act as bonds that can never be broken… one such ornament is the engagement ring.

Different engagement rings have different stories associated with them; beautiful, fond memories that are cherished forever! Doing a little to keep the symbol of love sparkly new is thus heartfelt. Just like the memories remain fresh in your mind, the ring too must look new and glamorous right?

Some damages do need expert attention, for which you can always rely on the best jewellery repair Brisbane near you for a complete makeover of your precious engagement ring. But to keep it sparkling as good as new, here are some pro tips that you can easily adopt.

  1. Day to day usage takes away the lustre of the ring as dirt particles start to deposit in the crevices of the ring so it is very important for you to follow a few simple steps like removing the ring before shower or before applying any sort of cream or moisturizing lotion, and so on… Even when you work in the kitchen try not to wear it.
  2. Keep your ring away from any sort of chemical such as cleaning sprays, hairsprays, deodorants, perfumes, and other chemicals that are used for cleaning purpose such as bleaching powder, and so on… Whenever you are cleaning the toilet or kitchen sink or anything just wear a pair of rubber gloves and do the needful or remove the ring and then wear gloves.
  3. You might be a little surprised but yes vodka actually can make your ring look as good as new! Let your ring soak in all the goodness of vodka, leave it for some time in vodka, then rinse it nicely in warm water and pat it dry with a cloth. Furthermore, you can also use a concoction of ammonia and warm water (add one spoonful of household ammonia with three to four spoon-full of warm water) then use a soft bristle toothbrush to remove dirt from the crevices of the ring, next you have to wash the ring in warm water and pat it dry. In case you don’t have vodka or ammonia at home, simply use liquid detergent, make a mixture with warm water and leave the ring in it for some time.


  1. If the diamonds are coming out of the setting then visit a jeweller’s shop to get it fixed. Expert checkups can be really helpful.


  1. Another important factor is how you are storing your jewellery . Always keep all your jewellery in separate boxes or pouches to safeguard your jewellery from getting dented or scratched or damaged by any chance.


  1. Always hold the band to pick up a ring and not the stone because the natural oil on our skin can firstly make the stone look dull and secondly the oil deposits in the corners of the setting making the setting lose which is why the stone might come out of the setting which you do not want so you have to handle the ring carefully.


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