Lingolet’s IOT Device for AI-Translation and Human Interpreters


LAS VEGAS, NV – CES 2020 – Lingolet Inc., a VC-backed technology company in advanced language solutions, unveiled the Lingolet ONE today at CES 2020.

Medical professionals, lawyers, and others need certified interpreters to ensure correct translation. But on-call interpreters are $200-400 per hour, often with two- or three-hour minimum.

The Lingolet ONE device connects them to more than 2000 registered, certified live human interpreters in 185 languages and +30 professional domains (medical, legal, etc.) worldwide 24/7.

Lingolet ONE offers by-the-minute billing at a fraction of the regular cost.

Lingolet ONE can also be used by international conference attendees, law enforcement, and global travelers. People can communicate in any language any time.

Lingolet ONE offers:

  • Interpreter-as-a-Service (IaaS) connects to +2000 registered live human interpreters in 185 languages and +30 domains for professional, dedicated service
  • Cloud-based AI machine translation in twelve languages with 98% accuracy
  • Transcription with voice-to-text recording, translate to twelve languages, export, and cloud backup
  • Fully integrated with the Lingolet ecosystem and Platform-as-a-Service

“Today’s digital world impacts businesses and consumers globally. The increasing adoption of mobile networking, machine learning, and artificial intelligence has created challenges and opportunities for human interpreters for better engagement with consumers and users,” said Jerry Song, founder and CEO of Lingolet. “Going beyond machine translation and AI, Lingolet built a platform for users to access the global resource of thousands of professional interpreters for live interpretation without constrains of time, location, or cost. The Lingolet ecosystem will power the AI-based machine translation which in turn levels up the language services,” he added.

“We have found that one of the major barriers to closing international business agreements is finding reliable qualified interpreters. Precision is a requirement for attorneys. Having real time vetted translators at the click of a button saves time, saves money, and means more business for us and our clients. We welcome this innovation.” — Eric H. Milliken, founder partner at Sutter Law, P.C.

“We have been really impressed with Lingolet’s technology and the devices are unlike anything we have seen,” said Bryan Foster, CEO of Boostlingo, a San Francisco-based language service company. We look forward to working with the Lingolet team as a strategic partner to digitize the traditional language service industry.”

According to the NIMDZI industry study in March 2019, the language services market was $54 billion in 2019 and will grow to $70 billion per year by 2023. Interpretation was $8.3 billion in 2019 and will grow to $11 billion in 2023. Professional language services cost on average $5.90 dollars per minute (Common Sense Advisory report, The Language Services Market).

Price and Availability

Lingolet is showing the Lingolet ONE product at CES 2020. Visit us at Sands Expo booth #G-52329, Las Vegas, January 6-10, 2020.

Lingolet ONE is available immediately at Amazon and the Lingolet online store starting at $59. For the Lingolet Language-as-a-Service product, see

About Lingolet

Lingolet develops and markets technological advanced language solutions for consumers and businesses. Built on artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, voice transcription, and block-chain technologies, Lingolet platform offers advanced machine interpretation and connects dedicated human interpretation with secure, simple, and reliable language services, helping to maximize human potentials by innovating world-class, easy-accessed language solutions with a focus on sustainable partnerships. With Lingolet you can communicate in any language at any time.

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